Hon JOHN KEY: A family member of Mr Burgess made contact with my office and I asked the Minister for Social Development and Employment to respond. Officials in the Ministers office asked the family member for Mr Burgess details so they could see what assistance he might be entitled to. The family member did not supply any of the details needed, including Mr Burgess name, so it was impossible to look into the situation. Following this mornings media coverage, Work and Income has been able to identify and make contact with Mr Burgess to receive all of the facts. I encourage him to sit down with Work and Income and have a full assessment of his individual circumstances, and I urge Mr Goff to make sure he understands all the facts when he starts dealing with a situation of an individual constituent. Mr SPEAKER: I now ask members to show a little courtesy to the Leader of the Opposition, whom I have called. Hon Phil Goff: Why did the Prime Minister answer in the House yesterday that a person who has been made redundant and who has a spouse earning $26000 a year is eligible for financial support for job search or retraining when he or she is not? Hon JOHN KEY: Because it is correct. Hon Phil Goff: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I did not hear the Prime Ministers answer; could he please repeat it? Hon JOHN KEY: Because it is correct. Mr SPEAKER: I thank the honourable Prime Minister. Hon Phil Goff: Why was it possible, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, to

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25 Responses to “Phil Goff Pwnd By John Key”
  1. Annnable says:

    @1dazba Wrong. Labour was running on a surplus. Bill English himself said that National was starting on a good economical stance. Also @Mschvs81 National “heckles” as well. Just because it’s not in this video it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. None of you national supporters know what you’re talking about. Read some literature. Our country is going to shit and it is entirely National’s fault. :)

  2. Playboysmurf1 says:

    I just have to ask, how many of these Labour voters are going to buy shares in these “State Assets”. If you are unwilling to work, save, and then invest your time and money into the state assets then surely you don’t see them as a good investment. Leading me to the question that beggs to be asked, why should the tax payer be investing in “Assets” that you personally will not invest in?

  3. Mschvs81 says:

    Labour act like a bunch of teenagers at a comedy show. Heckling and giggling like naughty children … pathetic!

  4. Olznz says:

    I think John Key has got swagger

  5. TheDallas2000 says:

    phil  FUCK gOFF

  6. 1dazba says:

    Recession cannot be blamed on John Key, it was going on before Helen Clark left, it isn’t anyone’s fault and to be honest New Zealand have gotten off lightly with the recession.

  7. ryanthomasmccallum says:

    Phil Goff wot a wiener

  8. SkylineGT10 says:

    Phil Gaffe and John do nothing Key are both useless twats. There isn’t one decent politician with any balls in the whole ruddy place!!

  9. xxScottNZXX says:

    Phil Goff is a useless leader for the Labour Party who always plays populace politics, although im a National guy, Helen Clark was a much better Labour leader!! NZ would go off the rails if he was our Prime Minister : P

  10. yourgasm says:

    John Key is a great PM for NZ after 9 yrs of phony Labour

  11. Maxpow33r says:

    @Annnable What has key done to the economy?

  12. Annnable says:

    Lol. Look at what John’s done to our economy now. Phil Goff isn’t perfect, but he’s better than Key.

  13. scudster69 says:

    Fuck John Key!!!!

  14. titaniumlock says:

    would you vote for sarah palin because you believe the rhetoric

    you need to start monitoring the world changes….. Google ‘Max Keiser’ it follows the neo-right-wing philosophy.

  15. sekamenacerecords says:

    @marktka I do not believe that you can use sound logic and reason to promote the National party’s current agenda. Although many have tried, all have failed. If you are for some reason special and able to provide sound logic and reason, I may perhaps change my mind.

    I am not holding my breath, however.

  16. sekamenacerecords says:

    @sekamenacerecords Sorry at Victoria University, not UC.

  17. sekamenacerecords says:

    John does a great job and being tricky with words…We all know that he guaranteed he would not raise GST under any circumstance. But the tax working group at UC, headed by members of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte, among others, changed his mind and he turned his back on the NZ public based on the recommendations of transnational corporations which have conflicting interest in our economic policy.

    This annoys me and he will not be getting my vote.

  18. sekamenacerecords says:

    @marktka I have spoken to ignorant righties like yourself my friend. Whatever realization you have had recently to think that this govts performance has been acceptable must be flawed in some way.

    I am more than happy to discuss this with you, and if you can use sound logic and reason to promote your perspective, I may just accept it.

  19. sekamenacerecords says:

    @mayner17 Yeah let’s trust John because he’s a millionaire…That certainly qualifies you to run a country.

    You are a real muppet.

  20. TheRockingKiwi says:

    I don’t think Labour is in a position to criticize what end of the scale tax cuts favour, because when they were in power – the actually offered no tax cuts at all. What they did was increase tax by 2%. Now, Cullen told us they couldn’t afford tax cuts at the time, but what could Labour afford? Oh that’s right, some sort of rinky dink, outdated Kiwi rail system.

    Labour still have not grasped the concept that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. We need to retain skilled workers and pay well

  21. dontlikefatpeople says:

    the labour party is full of ugly cunts.

  22. utubenz says:

    PhiL Goff is obviously a dipshit, what an embaressment to NZ!!

    Someone shoot him PLEASE!!

  23. mayner17 says:

    I trust a millionaire (John Key) to run our country than a guy who walks like he’s got a carrot up his ass (Phill Goff)

  24. truekiwijoker says:

    @marktka Good luck with what? oh insecure and foolish one.

  25. marktka says:

    @truekiwijoker Classic. Like I said, good luck.

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