Get advice about how to prepare for a phone interview from the critically acclaimed author of the book “College Students: DO THIS! GET HIRED!”, Mark Lyden. Mr. Lyden has been recruiting, presenting, teaching, and helping college students around the country get HIRED for over 10 years and gives direct practical advice that REALLY WORKS even in this difficult job market.

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One Response to “Phone Interview Advice, From Mark Lyden, a Current Lead College Recruiter for a Fortune 50 Company”
  1. yesimbrandon says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for, when you visited Stetson University last year promoting your book I was there and I have read your book and was wondering about phone interviews so I’m glad I found it. I also did apply to Boeing as well as CS major and got past the first round of considerations but wasn’t invited to a hiring event but your book has great information in it would recommend to anyone looking for a job.

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