Charles Spurgeon once gave a sermon called, “The Wordless Book,” where he demonstrated the Gospel using only three colors. This was adapted and used by Chinese missionaries in the 19th Century with a fourth color to represent the eternal kingdom. On Saturday, April 25, 2009, there were tons of kids out for their prom night in downtown Denver. Several evangelists and I went down to the 16th Street Mall to preach, witness, and minister to them. I used, “The Wordless Book,” to preach to them.

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4 Responses to “Prom Night Preaching — The Wordless Book — SPE”
  1. inspirationdp85 says:

    Praise God! You guys are really creative!

  2. fruitofspirit says:


  3. SkateParkEvangelism says:


    My wife and I made it with about $5 of materials: cloth from WalMart, two strips of elastic, two old dowels, a couple of old hooks, and a piece of rope. If I get more requests, we might consider making more, but I think that you could make one pretty easily with a simple sewing machine.

  4. inspirationdp85 says:

    Wow! Where could I get the wordless word? I would love to use it for evangelism

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