Host, David Smith The Church is divided about so many issues, particularly SEX (masturbation, dating, pre-marital sex, sexual foreplay). What would you tell singles who are struggling and trying to make it? *** Singled Out-Keeping It Real @ Psalms 117 OPEN MIC

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9 Responses to “*Regarding Sex: What would you tell singles who are struggling and trying to make it?”
  1. jhp20747 says:

    Thanks 135jh.

    Peace and Blessings,

  2. 135jh says:

    I would say that we must remember that God created sex to take place within a marriage. He wants to spare us from the pain that hollow physical relationships outside of marriage ultimately brings.

  3. jhp20747 says:

    Thanks for the comment toni2krunk.

    God bless you brother,

  4. jhp20747 says:

    Thanks for the comment 2nd21.

    Blessings like a River my friend,

  5. jhp20747 says:

    Thanks for the reply thrufaithalone…Amen!

    Blessings like a River upon your life and ministry,

  6. toni2krunk says:

    In response to the posted video, I’d say:
    (NOTE- i put this message in true-holiness terms; if you know what i mean)
    *Masturbation: you’ll soon find that spirits will begin to engage in the act
    *Dating: don’t do it until you ready for marriage.
    *Pre-Marital Sex: leads to a life of promiscuity, and when it’s time for deliverance, you find yourself taking off layers of people you’ve slept with!
    *Sexual Foreplay: you might go on and marry if you are goin to play with one another sexually!!!!

  7. 2nd21 says:

    That Was Truth, Thank You. I Don’t Know The Answer Though. I Mean If Your Too Fast, Your Ahead Of GOD’s Plan. Your Gonna Go Through Somethings, Till You Realize When You Walk Away, You Leave It Behind. And If It Feels Good Really Good, Almost As If It’s A Dream. Pay Attention. I’m Not Saying Great Isn’t Ment For You. But Sometimes Feelings Blind The Truth

  8. jhp20747 says:

    Beautifully said thrufaithalone. Thanks for the reply.

    Peace and Blessing upon your life and ministry,

  9. thrufaithalone says:

    What would I tell them? “Think about how special it’s going to be when you marry the one for you and you can give them something you can only give away once; you’ll be able to say ‘this is for you alone; you are that special to me’” It’s worth waiting.

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