Lovebites is anoriginal micro-series that focuses on the romantic and domestic exploits of Katie and Max, a witty and spirited twentysomethings couple who are stuck between the carefree college mentality and the seriousness that comes with being an adult. Through lovebites we get a fresh, modern look at how a young couple goes from sharing the bill to sharing keys … and how drama-filled new relationships can be. In this clip, Katie uses her euphemism skills to fix Max’s resume, and Max uses his to heat up their relationship.

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18 Responses to “Resume”
  1. erintahdahhhh says:

    When he said turns me on
    I came
    He’s so hot.

  2. kakashikillua1234 says:

    These guys must be real life couples…. there chemistry is amazing.

  3. Master0Row says:


  4. sukmydikashol says:

    prime minister of ur perennium

  5. cokeacolazzz says:

    doesnt make much sense
    in another episode she said she doesnt like the iloveyou word yet they get it on and shit
    (still like them)(show wise)

  6. brianedel says:

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  7. monas says:

    lame, they’re always using apple computer

  8. monas says:

    lame, they’re always using apple computer

  9. Elvoalven says:

    “We basically stood outside a grocery store and bothered people” LOL!

  10. zakros says:

    grow up and get laid

  11. Djoe2 says:

    What a sick head, but it sounds funny, HaHaHa.

  12. otjenno says:


  13. Icarcus says:

    oh ive been around

  14. lady1n6reen says:

    OMG !! LOL !!

  15. teratogen42 says:

    Hahaha, that was embarassing, cute though.

  16. mrpigfeed says:


  17. TheGirlNextDoor927 says:

    Wat a complete Loser lol

  18. AmoredoBiLove says:

    wtf?! lol

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