First session of Software QA class at Portnov Computer School – part 3. What is Software Testing job market in general and specifically in San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1994 we have being specializing in career training in the area of Software Quality Assurance. School name is a well known and widely recognized brand in the Software Testing world. The Portnov Computer School is not a purely academic but rather job market driven short-term training institution, which measures its success in job placement of the graduates. Majority of our students join the program because they want jobs, not degrees – 90% of them already have college degrees in all the imaginable fields including IT, mechanical and electrical engineering, teaching, accounting, etc. Whatever your previous professional and educational background – there is a good chance that in 4-6 month you will be working in Software QA field after completion of our classroom training and an internship with a local software company. With 13 years of experience in job placement and writing SQA resumes, with over 2000 graduates working in practically all the Silicon Valley companies, with hundreds of our graduates working as QA Directors, QA Managers, and QA Team Leads our job placement assistance is really unparalleled. Looking for a career change? Have gap in employment? Lost the competitive edge? Do not feel confident to start your job search campaign? Not happy with your current job? – If your answer to any of these

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2 Responses to “Software Testing Job Market Research: – Career Training @ Portnov School – 3”
  1. susan17981 says:

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  2. Cyreath says:

    This video discusses the job opportunities to be found in the Bay area for QA, Test, QTP skills.

    It seems similar in the UK. Monster pulled 362 jobs for ‘QA’ and ‘Test’ roles based in London, UK in December 07.

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