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See how our 6Sense driven SeeMore can start helping your business today.

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We’re about to redefine the way you find talent. Are you ready? But first, let’s quickly recap the past: keyword searches used to be the quickest way to find talent, right? You’d just type in what you’re looking for, and boom, a million resumes. OK, so you’ve refined your search, and boom, a thousand resumes. Fine. Refine some more. OK, a hundred resumes. Now you’ve got to read them all. Too bad you can’t clone yourself. You just need something that does what you do, only faster. Something that knows who you’re looking for, intuitively. 6Sense from Monster. The intuitive breakthrough technology that helps you find the best candidates faster. 6Sense drives many of Monster’s cutting edge services; it thinks like you do and can understand content and context, unlike keyword searches. Most importantly, 6Sense understands 15 MILLION job term combinations. Find out more at

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