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The global war on terror has reached catastrophic proportions, leading the US Special Operations Task Force to Chernobyl, where ghosts of past disasters are nothing compared to the nuclear nightmare that is about to unfold. But when the terror reaches America’s shores, the team is powerless to help until they can save themselves. And when they finally track down the source of the chaos, they make a discovery so shocking it will shake the foundations of their faith in everything good.

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Has anyone ever looked at you strangely when you told them that you homeschool your only child? There are African American single mothers who homeschool, and they do not fit into many’s idea of what a homeschooler should be. This coupled with the fact that they may be homeschooling an only child causes concern, “Why don’t you want your child to be at school with other children?!” Homeschoolers who homeschool one child or several children do allow their children to participate in classes to enhance their academic studies, as well as to socialize with other children. Usually when mothers of children who attend traditional school realize that a homeschooled child is not in the house all day working at a desk or the kitchen table, they feel relieved.

Once a mom whose child is in public or private school learns that the homeschooled child takes classes, she wants to know more about the classes. The classes may be academic like Language Arts, History, and Algebra, or they may be fun classes like Digital Photography, Hip Hop Dance, and Exploratory Art.  Co-ops vary as to how often they have classes, i.e., once a week, three times a week, or every day.  This usually leads you into more talk about academic classes and about where homeschooling moms get their teaching materials. There are some who write their own curriculum, others who buy a boxed curriculum, and still others who use an online curriculum like Time4Learning.

Moms of public school children often have questions about standardized tests and want to know how moms of homeschooled children know if their children are at grade level. Some states require homeschooled children to take standardized tests while others do not.  You can choose to have your child tested even if your state does not require it. Homeschooling moms can use an online grade-level curriculum to see if their child is at grade level.

Sometimes when you finish these informal chats about homeschooling, you feel as though you have given someone, who may have never met a homeschooler—especially one who does not fit the prototype—a positive impression about homeschooling.

Other homeschooling moms probably get a lot of questions too, regardless as to their marital status or ethnic background. Yes, anyone who wants to can homeschool –even a single mom who works from home!

Phyllis L. Smith Asinyanbi is a professional freelance writer and homeschooling mom of a gifted son. Her articles have been published on eHow and She is the owner and moderator of an online group, Christian Homeschool Support Group, and the moderator of another online list, New Rising Homeschool Network. She is a single (divorced) mother who, along with homeschooling and writing, takes online classes and works as an independent business agent.

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Search for MoDOT director narrowed to about 10
The search for Missouri’s next transportation director has been narrowed to about 10 people.

Read more on KFVS 12 Cape Girardeau

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As children grow out of their little pants and are ready to begin their teens, many parents wonder if they should continue with the homeschooling program. They fear that colleges may not give equal opportunities to a child educated at home.

Many fears of this kind were put to rest when 2 homeschooled boys got admission into Harvard. Harvard does not require a high school diploma for gaining admission to their degree program. Many colleges are more interested in the knowledge and behaviour of the homeschooled children rather than their high school diplomas. In fact, other things being similar many colleges prefer homeschoolers because of the diversity and richness they bring to their college life.

Admission requirements may vary. While some colleges require the child to appear for the SAT, others may need a general equivalency diploma. And some may not care for any tests at all. The criterion may vary depending on the college that you wish to apply to. But, college courses really do not require any high school background or special training.

It is common to come across parents who frantically try to shift out their home school children to high schools because they fear unavailability of college admissions. But college admissions are open to all educated individuals, regardless of whether they are educated at home or at a public school.

Homeschooling and the family

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost 1.1 million children underwent homeschooling in 2005 alone. That’s a lot of children. Once upon a time, homeschooling used to be a radical statement – something like a declaration of independence. It was the conservative Christians who advocated homeschooling in the ’80s and legalized it in every State. But the typical homeschooler of the day is not religiously motivated.

Recent surveys indicate that parents are actually quite fed up of the public school systems where much of the learning is superficial and compulsory. They are also concerned about negative school environment ranging from drugs and abuse to negative peer pressure. As a result, we have a surprising mix of people who form the homeschooling world of today. They cut across all religious and regional borders. Their main aim is providing meaningful and productive learning through a method that strengthens the bond between the various members of the family.

All these families have one thing in common – a long enduring commitment to the sanctity of childhood. The children in these families are accorded a primary position. Many believe, and rightly so, that homeschooling allows parents to bring up children in a more natural and nurturing environment. Public schools can make one nervous, diffident and downright mean. Children who get schooled at home are protected from these damaging negative influences till they reach an age where they can handle it.

Homeschooling draws the whole family into the almost religious task of schooling. Everyone is put to work. The parents together form a bond with the children. Any experience can be turned into an educational experience. Both the parents are aware of exactly what is going into their child’s head. Parents also have greater control on the kind of religious and moral values that the child imbibes. Even watching a movie together can become a learning experience. Trips to the libraries and other places become educational as well as recreational.

A homeschooling family is primarily dependent on the income of one earning member. That means that often spending has to be curtailed and proper planning of expenditure is a must. This helps to bring the family members together and everybody gets involved in the process of saving money.

Having a parent at home to supervise, to nurture and care for the children brings with it a lot of love and caring. Even your husband chips in and there just is no room for boredom. Yes, problems do crop up, and there are a lot of misgivings in your mind. But when you know that your kids can always count on you, and your kids know it too, then homeschooling becomes a richly rewarding experience.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor and co founder of Free Affiliate Programs

For more information and resource links on homeschooling visit: Online Homeschooling

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In today’s fast-paced, understaffed and sometimes dangerous public school environments, it is a heavy burden for parents to decide where to send their child to be educated. Socialization has such a large impact on children, and the wrong environment can set them up for a life of problems: Not to mention worrying about whether your child will be given the attention and direction they crave. It is for this reason so many parents are deciding Homeschooling is the best option.

Every family provides a certain amount of homeschooling, teaching children many life lessons and educating in different areas. Choosing to homeschool your children full time is a wonderful experience for any parent, as well as an opportunity for your child to be steps ahead of others their age. This is because one on one teaching means more information can be learned in less time, where as in school, children are absorbed in classes of forty or more.

Not only are homeschool parents responsible for their child’s academic education, but they also have to ensure their child has plenty of opportunities to interact with others their age. Sports, having friends over and vice-versa, telephone conversations and social outings should all be regular parts of their weekly curriculum.

Some parents prefer to homeschool their children up to a certain age, feeling it better prepares them for mingling with other children and contributes to the development of a stronger identity earlier in life. For example, you may opt for homeschooling until your child is ten years old, then upon discussion with them, enroll them in school. By this time, you have had many talks with them about subjects such as peer pressure, bullying, choosing friends, respecting authority and getting the most out of their education. Of course, every child is different and many parents like to gauge from the child when they are ready to attend. Most children will reach a point where they start to ask why they don’t go to school like other children. For this reason it is also a great idea to socialize with other parents who homeschool so your children don’t feel like they are the only ones.

Ignoring all external factors, you need to seriously consider if you are the right type of parent to homeschool your child. You have to be very honest with yourself because it isn’t for everyone. Ultimately your main reason has to be that you will thoroughly enjoy interacting, teaching and learning from and with your child, growing closer and getting to know each other better. Other questions to ask include:

I. Are you a patient person?
II. Do you possess excellent communication skills?
III. Do you multi-task with ease?
IV. Are you naturally organized?
V. Can you give constructive criticism and correct mistakes with your child?
VI. Are you naturally creative?
VII. Can the family survive on one income?

If your answer is yes to all but one or two, and they are areas you’re aware you need to work on, you may still like to give home schooling a try on a trial basis: If you answer yes to all of them, homeschooling is definitely suitable for you. The next thing to look at is how does your child feel about being home-schooled? Some children are fully aware that in a short while they will be old enough to attend school, and they simply can not wait! Others are more sensitive, less sociable and less aware that is what children their age are doing. As best you can, have several discussions with your child to determine how they feel, and if they seem pleased to learn at home with mommy or daddy then you can begin.

Each state has its own level of control over children undergoing homeschooling. There can be either no regulations, low, moderate or high regulations: As the name suggests, each state exerts rules in relation to exam and test results, hours of study and evaluation, and high regulation states are extremely difficult to home school in. States with no regulations don’t even require you to notify education departments or government authorities that your children won’t be attending regular school, and low usually requires notification only with no monitoring of competencies for students.

In preparing for homeschooling your child, you will need to gather materials such as books, lesson guides and plans, movies and other activities. The best thing you can do is work out whether your child learns more easily through looking, listening or hands on processes and design your lessons around that. The best resources are the library and websites designed specifically for homeschooling parents, and second hand shopping at flea markets or charity stores will often lead you to some excellent text books at very low costs. There are also pre-packaged home schooling courses available for extra guidance. It is a wonderful idea to try and incorporate the local environment whenever you can: for example, when learning about water, spend a day visiting different types of water in the local area. Educational outings are a great way to ingrain knowledge through all the senses, so research ahead of time where you can possibly take your child for some real life examples that relate to what they are learning.

There are some common mistakes made by parents homeschooling their children, and being aware of them is all it takes to avoid them. Be sure to make your child reach beyond their current knowledge, as far too many parents don’t express any expectations and fail to motivate the child to do better. Be sensitive to the way they learn instead of teaching the way you find it easiest to learn, and don’t give the child control over the schedule. Make sure the class plan is clearly established, stating upfront how long you will spend on each subject and enforce rules in the “classroom” relating to being tidy, raising their hands with a question, break times and consequences for their actions, good or not so good.

When you are sure this is the avenue you want to take, you should subscribe to some good homeschooling websites or newsletters such as Homeschool Success News. There are programs to aid parents in teaching at home, chat rooms and other networking mediums for parents to compare and learn from each others ideas and experiences. Homeschooling is an opportunity for parent and child to bond deeply in a safe and controlled environment, and they are years you will treasure in your memory forever.

Patricia Bennett publishes a wealth of information on this subject:

Visit Free Homeschooling Help!

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Have you ever felt like you are at the end of your hope? Read this exciting new novel by Kathy Dolman entitled “The Light at Hope’s End” Ray Weber peers out through the darkness, mesmerized by a mysterious light on the mountainside opposite from his home high above the town. A struggling small-town pastor with a crumbling family and fading ministry A distraught, lonely waitress facing her dying mothers last days alone A desperate young black man in the grips of a street gang teetering on the brink of destruction A twenty-something party boy hovering over the line between the need to survive and a life of crime What do they all have in common? Theyve reached hopes end in the town of Hopes End and are desperately in need of a miracle. The stories in this novel will grip your heart to cry out for breakthrough in ways youve never dreamed were possible. Gods calling you to bring hope to a lost and dying world. You are the light on the hill, a city that cant be hidden. You are the light at hopes end! Julie A. Smith, owner of Smitey Publications and editor of the Elijah List This unparalleled fiction novel sheds light on the spiritual element taking place among us even when we are unaware. Written out of true-life experiences, the author relates to the readers unquenchable search for something more. Andy Sanders of 5 Fold Media Publishing

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Randy Alcorn talks about his novel Deception.

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Job search failure can be devastating. You try and try . . . and can’t seem to get ahead. You’ve heard about the positive message of “The Secret.” Now here’s some upbeat information to help you turn around your job search failure.

The American job market is probably the best it’s ever been. There are extraordinary opportunities available all over the country right now! But you’ll have a hard time landing them unless you can answer a couple of positive questions that can make all the difference to your job search.

Here they are:

1. Are you ready to commit yourself to discover the REAL 21st Century job marketplace? Not the one where all you have to do is mass mail your resume to a bunch of companies or agencies and recruiters. Or post it on a few websites like or hot

2. Are you willing to give up the old-fashioned, passive ways of finding a job . . . e.g. waiting for the phone to ring, or sitting in an interview and meekly answering questions about your work history?

If you’re ready to answer “yes” then you’re going to reverse your job search failure. And you’ll find that the job market is an exciting place to be these days. You’ll be open to pursuing a job campaign plan that can have to talking face-to-face with your next boss in a matter of days!

You see, everything’s changed in the 21st Century job market . . . especially since 9/11 and Katrina. The old-fashioned ways of finding a job are OUT . . . unless you’re content with waiting for weeks or months for something to develop. And then winding up with something you have to take out of desperation.

When you say “yes” to those positive questions, here’s what you must do to address today’s exciting job market:

1. Build a highly-desirable product . . . YOU!

2. Consider the job marketplace as a competitive arena.

3. Package yourself in a way to attract maximum attention.

4. Think of prospective employers as buyers of your product.

5. Target only those employers who are right for you.

5. Promote yourself to them by every available means.

6. Master effective selling techniques.

7. Negotiate like a pro.

In short, you have to learn how to become a “job entrepreneur.” That means you learn how to run your job campaign like a small business. You apply to your job search some of the same strategies and techniques that have propelled so many small businesses toward success.

Now, the good news is when you’ve mastered a few simple alternative job search strategies, you can reverse your job search failure. You will hit the ground running. And if you follow the recommendations above, you could be entertaining real job offers in as little as two weeks!

Say goodbye to job search failure. Hop on the job search success bandwagon. Your future depends on it!

Paul Bowley manages EEI, the world-class pioneer in alternative job search techniques and innovative e-business strategies . . . since 1985. Check out THE WORLD’S FASTEST JOB SEARCH PLAN! And grab our stunning FREE REPORT!

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Author Randy Alcorn talks about his novel Safely Home (available from a story which focuses on the persecuted church in China.

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Men’s Health Fitness Expert Christian Finn Reveals The Best Ways To Burn Off Belly Fat And Pack On Lean Muscle.
Christian Finn’s Facts About Fitness.

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