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Brand New to Cb!! This is Not another “how to get him back” book. A different twist on this hot market, there is no need to “settle” after a divorce or bad break-up. Very motivated niche that will be happy to hear their Prince Charming still awaits.
Single Again: How To Get It Right This Time and Find Somebody Better

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Part 2 of the Home Again: Stories of Restored Relationship Podcast Uncovered by Shenette Jones Jake and Eric by Bernard Boulton Confidential Relations by Tavares S. Carney Flavorful by Linda F. Beed

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Why is there an increasing number of Christian Single Parents resorting to online dating?

Is online dating so effective that people are spending their hard earned money to join a legitimate dating site in the hope of finding their potential spouse or partner?

Can one find a good and trustworthy man or woman of God online without being conned?

Are you spending too much time in front of the computer; so absorbed in your search to find Mr. or Mrs. Right that the rest of the family is neglected?

These concerns have been on my mind and the more deeply I analysed them, I realised that though all the above concerns were valid, there were just as many if not more valid reasons why Single Parents, Christian or not, resort to Online Christian dating.

You may be divorced and after a bitter or unhappy marriage, God has healed your wounds and you are now ready to give love another chance. Going back to the dating scene with a family to care for can prove challenging in terms of babysitting and time management….online dating can be a good option.

Perhaps you are widowed and the thought of loving someone else is unthinkable! It’s like betraying your undying love for your late spouse!More so if you have young children. Then again, God could have impressed upon you that while the dead has gone to a better place, the living need not live in brokeness, misery and agony. You may have needs that can be met by having another Christian love. Feeling loved and understood will definitely make you a better parent to your children. Prime-time seniors who have lost their spouses need not spend the rest of their lives in loneliness. Online dating can provide you an opportunity to meet other single adults who are compatible in age, religion and background.

Single parents carrying the weight of single parenthood may yearn for a helpmate just like it was God’s plan to created Eve to be Adam’s helpmate; to be his equal half to shoulder responsibilities together.You could be a single mother who would like to have a husband to rely on, to be a father figure to your children and perhaps to help provide for your family financially, emotionally and physically. Do you happen to be a single father who wants a mother to nurture your children? A woman of God who could be your equal half to help see to the welfare of your children and give you a much needed helping hand in bringing up your children?

Online dating sites that are dedicated to Single Parents young and old can be a “life saver” to those individuals who long for company and yet are not able to step out of the comforts of their own homes provide a conducive platform for these individuals to get to know lots of people before narrowing down to a special few. Some sites even provide parenting and dating tips!

Whatever your situation may be, it is my hope that you find your ’1 Christian Love’ so that your life may be enriched by the presence of this new love. For information on premier Single Parent Dating sites, check out the website here.

Mary has a website that promotes Christian Single Parent dating. Through her site, she gives comprehensive information on Single Parent Dating sites that would save anyone a huge amount of time looking for the right website to join. She also writes articles that touches on Christian dating for single parents.

To view the website, click the site below.

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