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Have an interview? Don’t screw it up! Watch this and forward it to everyone you know who’s job searching!

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FREE Webinar – Video Preview – How To Identify The BEST Companies To Work For – By GUERRILLA JOB SEARCH For more information and to preview video clips from the Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course DVD web page, go to: I can speak from experience when it comes to Guerrilla Job Search. Not only have I worked in a previous life as a recruiter and performed a few for myself over the last several years, but I also had the pleasure of recently recording the first 4 in a series of webinars being released exclusively to us by the Guerrilla Job Search team of David E. Perry and Kevin Donlin. It’s all being done in conjunction with’s offering of their Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course DVD in our online bookstore. In this first webinar in the series, David and Kevin begin by bemoaning the fact that so many people invest in years of university and college educations to advance their dreams of particular careers; and, then, immediately abandon their goals to take the first job offered, no matter what it is. With over 20 years in the search business, Perry introduces the investment in time and energy that should go directly into advancing your knowledge of and search for companies that support your career ambitions. And that’s where the “Guerrilla” comes in. While everyone is chasing the same classified ad or job posting for one company in your town, a proactive guerrilla job search will have you researching what companies will best meet your

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Self Recruiter® The Best 25 Seconds of Your Life Whether you meet an interesting person or potential great connection during your Networking, or at a Career Fair, or even at a Cocktail Party… you have to be prepared to be memorable! It’s a simple and clear formula to find that right combination of things to say that will help you engage and make new contacts that remember you! John Crant has been speaking and educating through his seminar series at corporate events, with the YMCA in NYC, and at The New York Public Library’s JOB SEARCH CENTRAL. His specially designed series The Secrets to Launching Your Career in a Changed Job Market is helping those at COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES. And he’s working with Workforce Development organizations serve their clients with his program, “The Secrets to Getting Hired in a Changed Job Market”. Check Out more information on John’s lecture series at Lectures in The Self-Recruiter® Series include: – Self-Recruiter® Resume Renovation – Self-Recruiter® Building Your Professional Network With LINKEDIN & How To Use It For Your Job Search – Self-Recruiter® Interview Checklist: Preparing Before Your Interview & Follow-Up After An Interview See them all and find out more Under the Guest Speaker tab at

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The number 1 best online jobs at home in 2010 The best way to make money online….seriously Make money online fast and easy, but you do have to be willing to better your financial situation by advertising, and I’ll show you how and where to advertise free. There is no selling, this work from home business requires no money to start either. The website package you get comes default as a GDI promotional site and is $10 a month with the free .ws domain. Best Online Jobs Work From Home FREE and honestly learn the real way to do internet marketing that gets you real results and starts you on the path to creating serious success and endless cash flow including the three above, to help you pick the programs that are right for you and will earn the most money. One Of The Largest and Most Comprehensive Collection of Job Openings and Online Resumes On The Web! We provide access to real job openings at real companies. Use our job search to find the career that best fits you. Updates our site daily so bookmark this site and return often. How to Use Myspace to Make Money Online Check out How to Use Myspace to Make Money Online Make Money on MySpace Make Money with Facebook great resource to make money with MySpace, Facebook, and other social Videos: MySpace Videos. How to Make Money Online using YouTube and Myspace Youtube Video (web 2.0) Get your free report here Now you can learn ideas for using MySpace to make money on eBay are nothing Unlocking MySpace – The #1

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The 5 Best Websites To Help You Find A Job
Unemployment rates are improving, which means more and more people are actually finding work. Many of them have job-search sites to thank for landing their new gig.

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The secret to having a terrific interview lies with you – and your ability to successfully sell yourself. This video shows you how to research an employer, develop talking points that pitch your strengths and accomplishments, anticipate age-related questions and confidently respond to tough interview questions.

Comments No Comments » Prepare an “A+” chronological resume that employers want to read, and build leverage over your competition. For an entire system for achieving a better job and a better life go to for 7 free videos that will transform your career!

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