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Sometime in 2007 in Redding and Shasta County California… 3316 total individuals representing 1986 households were homeless at some point during the year and 2332 total individuals representing 939 households were imminently at-risk of becoming homeless. 1092 children were homeless and 995 children were imminently at-risk of becoming homeless. *The total of homeless and at-risk children was 2087. Redding Loaves and Fishes Food Bank provides a three day supply of food to persons in need. In addition, Redding Loaves and Fishes Food Bank aims to equip people in Northern California with the tools they need to make a positive change in their lives. Our volunteers are charitable members of the faith community, are screened, and trained on site. These volunteers use their Gifts of the Holy Spirit to help our clients, whether it is packing bags, soliciting food bank donations, or offering faith based counseling. Redding Loaves and Fishes passion and desire is to not only bless those in the Redding community, but to have an abundance to share with those small food bank charities, and ministries in the surrounding Shasta County area, who have the call to bless others also… We are against practices and laws that unfairly single out homeless people and criminalize them for everyday living and life-sustaining activites. Redding Loaves & Fishes is a nonprofit,non salaried, all volunteer, nondenominational organization.100% of your monetary donations go to operational and food bank

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Jobs in Security are going to those with widest skillsets to include the private bail enforcement of wanted fugitives by bail bondsmen who run bail bonds companies. More and more private patrol operators are in fact sending their employees to California’s Most Trusted Name in Bail Education – Bailspeak, for the purpose of widening their service offerings. Be marketable and be sure to get your place in the private security and bounty hunting job market.

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Robin Jones Gunn visits Southern California where many of her books take place. Robin shares her joy for her characters and their experiences.

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Dean of Trinity Law School Donald McConnell comments on the California case “In re Rachel L.” Go to to sign a petition to have this opinion depublished.

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My son in going to be starting first grade. For K I had him enrolled in a charter school which provided a homeschooling program. He did well but his dad thinks we should give the public schools a chance (again) and not do homeschooling next year. I’m having issues with this because he did really well with the homeschooling. DH said that if there is any problem we could just start homeschooling again; however, I would like to homeschool w/o the help of a charter school if we do go back to homeschooling.

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