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Along comes “Mr. Right”… Well, It “feels right” but you want to Make Certain that it’s God’s Will. Here are Nine Bible-Based Questions (and Cautions) to Ask Yourself before you Make a Final Decision About Your newest Boyfriend and Allow him to Completely sweep you off your feet. If you think you’ve found “Mr. Right” your “Soul-Mate” and “Dream Man” that God has Finally Blessed you with… Warning, Proceed with Caution! God’s Word (& God’s Will) give Very Clear Relationship Revelation for Single Christian Women in 2 Timothy, chapter 3. The Apostle Paul wrote this revelation and prophecy to Timothy as a warning about the Character and Class of Men who would be Future (now modern) members of churches in the Final Days. This also Contains a Specific Warning Message for Single Christian Women… dating, divorced or widowed… this message is for Every Single Female who truly wishes to make the Right Decision and Find the Soul Mate that God Approves and Blesses them with. Whether you Heed this Warning or Choose to Ignore it, You Will Live with the Consequences of your Choice for the remainder of your natural human lifetime. Wait for your Prince… Don’t get Stuck with the Frog.

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She uses her life to administer that healing drug… laughter.Doreen Hanna South Bay Womens Outreach

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This is Message 3 of his new Relationship Series “I’m So Tired Of Being Alone.” You can view the entire series at In this message (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) Pastor Jackson teaches Black Christian Single about singleness.

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In this video I’m giving Christian women 15 banging questions they should ask men before they get involved with them. This video is actually for the Christian women that really want a godly man and not just a man that goes to church. If you want the questions you can either email me at pastorcox@p4cm or hit me up on facebook under pastorjustincox.

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Even Christians gotta date

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