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Quick practical tips on how stay relevant and competitive in the job market by delivering results. Professional coach, Jocelyn Giangrande, helps women reach their professional goals and advance their careers. Directed and produced by: Quentino Giangrande.

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Meet Steve C., from Pittsburgh. Like many laid-off executives, he was given an outplacement package, which included job-search “assistance” that simply didn’t work — 0 job offers in 9 months. But after working with ace Guerrilla Job Search Coach, Mark Haluska, Steve had 8 interviews and 6 job offers … in only 6 weeks. That’s 6 job offers in 6 WEEKS. This video was taken the day after Steve accepted an offer that exceeded all his expectations. Can we help you, too? For a confidential interview and to see if you qualify, please call Mark Haluska, the Guerrilla Job Search Coach, at 724-495-2733. When you call, Mention Code: COACH TUBE for a Free Audio of Guerrilla Job Search tips not available anywhere else. A $29 value, your Guerrilla Job Search audio is Free with no obligation when you call Mark Haluska today at 724-495-2733.

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Go To: – Tricks to Triple Your Job Interview Offers INSTANTLY. In this video presentation you will Re-Discover! * How to get your job application noticed, in this high competition and ugly job market. * What the top 5% of people are doing, to get flooded with job offers, referrals, and interviews, by just applying ONE simple technique. * What you can do, to command, HIGH SALARIES, and how to make employer willingly and happily pay you premium wages. * How even a chef was able to quit his job and find a better job that paid 50% more, with no hassles. Imagine that! Getting a job is no longer a hit or miss game, I have tested, researched and compiled a set of simple, easy yet powerful tricks and tactics, that time and time again produce results. These techniques gets us loads of interviews, and job offers. But here is the best part. We condition our employers throughout the process to make them believe that we are the best possible option, therefore we don’t just get hired, but we also can command higher salaries. I give you resume’s, cover letters templates and breakdown of examples, that I have tested to get employers attention. You can model the examples, and copy the templates to make the job acquiring process fast and profitable. I also give you interview Tricky Interview Questions and Answers that will make you look intelligent. Other strategies include taking control of the recruiting process and creating desire in the employer to want to hire you. Click

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