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Oh Yeah, I’m diggin this one ya’ll. This crunk hit comes from gospel rap artist Titus from his album “Cultural Vandalism” a very in depth album on how this young man see’s gospel, the church, his views are very interesting a music is nothing to sleep on. This track should be a theme for a christian singles, if he/she ain’t walking in Christ, better believe we don’t want him/her no matter how good they look…how many of us can actually say this?

Comments 1 Comment » Don’t you dare go to all the trouble to do a plan or a brag book and not present it correctly. Peggy gives you best advice about how to present your plan in the interview process.

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Ladies, one of the major qualities you should look for in a guy is his value for the presence of God. This video explains why. Dont go for the guy that has the bling and the material things, go for the one who knows and loves God.

Comments No Comments » Kim Brooks to singles at Faith House Church O’Fallon, IL Subscribe to this YouTube Channel for more vids from Kim

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God says “Do not throw away your confidence in His word and in Him, but that you need to patient and persevere that after you have done His will you may recieve that which he has promised.

Comments No Comments » Peggy McKee (the medical sales recruiter) talks about how to get a job in this economy. Tip#1 – don’t apply online, go directly to hiring managers!

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Song written to encourage people not to give up on their dreams no matter how silly they may seem. God is the Dream Maker and He can do wonders.

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God gives us dreams and hopes and visions, they are just for us and give us hope BUT Satan wants to rob and steal those hopes away so that we lose our joy of life and Jesus. Stand fast on your dreams and dont give them up!

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