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More job seekers give up search
WASHINGTON — Where did all the workers go? The labor force — those who have a job or are looking for one — is getting smaller, even though the economy is growing and steadily adding jobs. That trend defies the rules of a normal economic recovery. Nobody is sure why it’s happening.

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Giving thanks to God is the best thing we can do, it honours God and fulfills His plans in our lives. Giving thanks is opposite to complaining; thus to thank God is positive and healing to our hearts to,

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Give the option or risk losing students
SOME of you may have heard of my son, Ainan Celeste Cawley, 10, studying at HELP University College. What they may not have heard, however, is why we left Singapore, where he was born, to come to Malaysia.

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Song written to encourage people not to give up on their dreams no matter how silly they may seem. God is the Dream Maker and He can do wonders.

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Job search websites are one of the most visited websites in the world. These websites help you in finding the perfect job openings that you are looking for over the internet. Based on the criteria such as location and job type, the job search websites lists the job openings. Job search website is a search tool that explores various job opportunities that are available in a particular company. They have become the fastest mode of recruiting a candidate.

Conventional job searching methods such as visiting every company and handing the resume are not only time consuming but also are costly. The main advantage is that you get all the recruiting companies and agencies at one place. The job search website also sends you mails or messages on your mobile phone when your skill sets and experience match a job opening in a particular company. These are called as job alerts.

Mostly before using job search websites, you are supposed to become a member of that job site. Once you become a member, you are allowed to post your resume. The biggest advantage of posting resume electronically to job search websites is convenience. You can post your resume from home. Applying for a job in a particular company is just a mouse click away. If your resume is selected, your are called for an interview otherwise they send a reply mail stating that your job skills do not match their requirements.
Job search websites will also give wide exposure to your resume. Hundreds of recruiters can view your resume and decide whether the skill sets match a particular job. Thus chances of getting an interview call increases manifold. Job search web sites also speed up the recruitment process. They have become the favorite destination for recruiters to search the right candidate as many candidates post their resume on them. Using job search websites you can directly apply to various companies.
Job search websites take special care in making your job search easy. These websites also tell you the name, email address of the person to meet in case you are selected for the interview. Jobs are being daily added on job search websites. That is why the search results may differ everyday. Now days, recruiters use job search websites to hire candidates. Job search website is the cheapest and easiest way of finding a job. They also provide job-searching tips that will speed up the job search process. Many placement agencies have also come up with their own websites wherein you can log on and post your resume.

Recruiters find these sites convenient as they can view many profiles at one place. One more advantage is that recruiter can see the resume whenever he or she wants. The resume is available 24/7. Job search web sites also give good customer service in case you have any queries. Most websites do not charge anything for membership. Therefore, the next time, you want to search a new job then you know where to go.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Job Search for Years. For More Information on Job Search Websites, Visit His Site at Job Search Websites

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