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A Guerrilla Resume actually bypasses the brain’s logical, verbal intelligence and goes straight for the “caveman” emotions — you gain an immediate edge as a result. Watch and see why. To get your own Guerrilla Resume, visit –

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When it comes to looking for a job, it can definitely be more challenging as a new graduate. Typically you have no work experience which means a resume that is relatively thin compared to your fellow job seekers. What’s a new graduate to do? Listen to David Perry and Darryl Praill as they discuss tactics, tools, and techniques that New Graduates can utilize and employ like Google, Twitter, video and more.

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Excerpts from David and Kevin’s all-new presentation at Heald College in Concord, California. An audience of skeptical college career advisors gets the “Guerrilla” treament — and loves it! Book David and Kevin for your career event. Call 613-236-6995 today.

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Here’s what comes in the box! Learn more here –

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Career counselors and faculty at Heald College in Concord, CA, rave about the Guerrilla Job Search seminar delivered by David Perry and Kevin Donlin, in May 2009. Their reaction is typical. In a world of dull-as-dishwater career “experts” peddling the same tired topics, David and Kevin tell — and show — audiences how to find jobs in 6-12 weeks using the “Guerrilla” marketing secrets of American Idol, Trojan thank-you notes, and infomercials. To learn how David and Kevin can WOW your audience, please call David Perry directly at 613-236-6995.

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Meet Steve C., from Pittsburgh. Like many laid-off executives, he was given an outplacement package, which included job-search “assistance” that simply didn’t work — 0 job offers in 9 months. But after working with ace Guerrilla Job Search Coach, Mark Haluska, Steve had 8 interviews and 6 job offers … in only 6 weeks. That’s 6 job offers in 6 WEEKS. This video was taken the day after Steve accepted an offer that exceeded all his expectations. Can we help you, too? For a confidential interview and to see if you qualify, please call Mark Haluska, the Guerrilla Job Search Coach, at 724-495-2733. When you call, Mention Code: COACH TUBE for a Free Audio of Guerrilla Job Search tips not available anywhere else. A $29 value, your Guerrilla Job Search audio is Free with no obligation when you call Mark Haluska today at 724-495-2733.

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Product Description
Ready! Aim! Hired! “This is an immensely helpful book, with the ancient wisdom of recruiters,?and the up-to-date?insights of two skilled Internet surfers. If you’re job-hunting, you’ll be grateful to learn the tips and tricks of these two seasoned veterans. I learned a lot myself.”
—Richard N. Bolles, author, What Color Is Your Parachute? “I have been an apprentice, a company president, and a CEO. No other single source provides a more contem… More >>

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters: 400 Unconventional Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job

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