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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but most of us do. It’s always good to start as you mean to go on in job interviews.

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Follow Joe through his transformation from interviewee blunder, to the prime job candidate and learn how to dress to succeed. COMING SOON: Female Version Brought to you by: Co-operative Education & Career Services, University of Guelph

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Dress Codes, how to conduct yourself and every thing else. Good luck on your next job search!

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Check out: There are literally thousands of job interview questions, so how do you know which questions are going to come up in your next job interview? The interview questions are easier to predict than you think. In fact, as much as 80% of the questions are predictable! In order to predict the job interview questions, you must first put yourself in the position of the employer and understand the job from their perspective. The very first thing an employer does before they embark on the hiring process is create a job description. A job description is basically a list of all of the key skills and competencies that are important for the job. Within the job description will be a list of hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills are the areas of the job which require a specific skill set or particular subject matter knowledge, ie computer skills, machine operation, safety protocols, ļ¬nancial skills, administration procedures. These skills are typically easy to observe, quantify and measure and easily identifiable from your resume. In contrast soft skills (sometimes called people skills) are not easily quantifiable or measurable. They are often described as; excellent communicator, ability to problem solve, ability to plan & organise, teambuilding, innovation, leadership ability and so forth. When designing the job interview questions, the employer will evaluate the job description and look at both the hard and the soft skills required

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Teaching Jobs Can Be Extremely Difficult To Secure. Discover The Insider Secrets To Acing Your Next Teacher Interview!
Teacher Interview Tips

Comments No Comments » – It is one thing that you have learned many things – whether in college or through experience. But can you apply your knowledge? Employers are looking for workers who are able to take what they know and apply it to solve problems, create new products, provide new services and improve the bottom line. Wow your interviewers by showing them that you are one of the few who can do this. Then Just Go Get That Job!

Comments No Comments » Founder, JT O’Donnell shows the wrong and right way to write a thank you not after a job interview.

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Getting the job you want could very well depend on how you answer questions in an interview. This brief video offers tips on how to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of their company and how you will be a good fit.

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When discussing one’s weaknesses in a job interview, never claim to have no weaknesses. Answer questions about your weaknesses in job interviews withtips from a management and sales trainer in this free video series on career information. Expert: Gloria Dixon Campbell Bio: Gloria Dixon Campbell has an executive MBA in management from the University of South Florida, and a BA in Sociology from the University of West Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Comments 5 Comments » – Few candidates make an effort to research the employer and the interviewer beforehand. This is a huge mistake. Employers gauge your interest in them and the job by know much you know about them. So impress them with your knowledge about their history, their goals, their challenges, their contributions and their opportunities. Tie it back to why what you learned about them reinforced your interest in working with them. Then just go get that job!

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