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This is a love song I wrote to God and shared at a Christian singles event. The guitar player is Jordan Danial.

Comments No Comments » So what happens when you decide to get seriously intimate with a colleague? THAT depends. If you’re lucky, you find eternal happiness. If you’re not, misery is a word that comes to Kris Anderson’s mind. How to detour this obstacle course – WATCH HER VIDEO and more details about ‘kissing and making up’ in her chapter titled “Interoffice Dating”. ORDER her book off Amazon – Kissing Frogs: Tall Tales and Insights from the Dating Pond. For more information on Kris Anderson and The Dating Pond … **Visit her hilarious blog – www.KissingFrogsInTheDatingPond **Email – **LIKE her on FACEBOOK – http – Listen to her national radio shows, download her just-launched dating eBook, and submit your own crazy dating stories. **PINTEREST … pin her new book – Kris is worth Following … **Twitter –

Comments No Comments » – Episode four is a recap of my blog post Beauty is Skin Deep on Love and Grace How do we define beauty? How much does the outward appearance play in our selection of who we date? How does how we are judged by others influence our view of our own self worth? -Candra Evans

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Along comes “Mr. Right”… Well, It “feels right” but you want to Make Certain that it’s God’s Will. Here are Nine Bible-Based Questions (and Cautions) to Ask Yourself before you Make a Final Decision About Your newest Boyfriend and Allow him to Completely sweep you off your feet. If you think you’ve found “Mr. Right” your “Soul-Mate” and “Dream Man” that God has Finally Blessed you with… Warning, Proceed with Caution! God’s Word (& God’s Will) give Very Clear Relationship Revelation for Single Christian Women in 2 Timothy, chapter 3. The Apostle Paul wrote this revelation and prophecy to Timothy as a warning about the Character and Class of Men who would be Future (now modern) members of churches in the Final Days. This also Contains a Specific Warning Message for Single Christian Women… dating, divorced or widowed… this message is for Every Single Female who truly wishes to make the Right Decision and Find the Soul Mate that God Approves and Blesses them with. Whether you Heed this Warning or Choose to Ignore it, You Will Live with the Consequences of your Choice for the remainder of your natural human lifetime. Wait for your Prince… Don’t get Stuck with the Frog.

Comments 25 Comments » Christian Dating for Free | 100% Free Service for Christian Singles Christian Dating for Free is the #1 Online Christian Community for meeting … Christian Dating for Free is a fun and unique way for Christians to meet and get …

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Worship (chorus only) Christian singles youth picnic in New Jersey

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Restoration – christian singles singing group from orlando

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Book Trailer for ‘When Love Ends, And the Ice Cream Carton is Empty” by Jackie M. Johnson. Music by Jason Shaw. Video production by Blazing Trailers.

Comments No Comments » Just in time for Valentine’s Day!! In this episode of God’s Dollar Bill, Bless shares 7 Tips on how to love yourself. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy love on your own! To get these 7 Tips to Love Yourself, a list of Affirmations and more, subscribe to the Saved & Saving It Newsletter by visiting http

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Site has been renamed – Kim Brooks, author of, How To Date and Stay Saved, The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints, and bestselling novels, “He’s Fine…But is He Saved?” and sequel, “He’s Saved…But is He For Real?”

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