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Overview of Hiring for Hope’s Complete Career Management Services

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Do you know that the average duration of an executive position is 2 years? Are you aware that 70% of jobs are acquired through networking? Do you have a web presence? Are you marketing yourself with a dynamic resume? Take charge of your career now! Job Search Strategies, Personal Branding, Resume Writing and more. Visit

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Sell Yourself! That’s what author and career counselor Robert Patterson says in Five Steps To CALM – The Next Five Steps to Enhancing “You” the “Product” in Your Career and Life Job Search Management. This career and life management manual provides job seekers with the tools needed for achieving their personal and career goals. It offers strategic ways on how to successfully market yourself in this volatile economy. Pattersons straightforward style puts you on a direct path to ultimate success. His manual is designed to help give you the marketing confidence required when seeking employment. Each chapter provides detailed step by step instructions on: strategies for an effective job search, personal appraisal, career exploration, writing your resume, interviewing techniques, reviewing job offers and much, much more. Visit:

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James Klotzle is a Christian life coach, counselor and author living in St. Paul, Minnesota. God In Our Stress is a powerful Christian self-help book for effective stress management, with internal navigation links & printer-friendly activity section.
God in our Stress: The Christian’s Guide to Stress Management

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Homeschooling is simply not to educate your children at home and inculcate the best in them. It’s more than that! You need to plan and organize the curriculum for each of your child very efficiently and effectively. Moreover, there is very much a need of time management to cater the needs of each of your child. There are many factors that go into creating and maintaining a successful and effective homeschooling program. A poor time management can easily break the homeschooling program.

All of us want to accomplish great things via homeschooling – to see progress every day. None of us want to waste time looking for planning materials or completed work. Homeschooling education does not have the benefit of set schedules and time frames. Although this seems appealing to homeschooling parents, but mismanaged timing problems can become chaotic if not managed well in time.

It is very necessary to understand your schedule and how you manage to do things. Once you examine your way of working, it would be helpful to you as you can schedule your tasks with proper time management. Few important tips and suggestions are given to make your time management work effectively:

•    Try to develop a routine among your children by giving them a plan or task to follow. Once they start following a routine, time will be managed accordingly.

•    It is important to understand the subject that you are to teach your children. It helps to save a lot of time, which otherwise can lead to mismanagement and poor training of your children.

•    It is good to collect the resources and supplies well before time so that parents do not suffer later on, simply by collecting box of supplies when needed. This will also help you to focus your efforts on the subjects.

•    It is better to understand the learning style of each of your kid so that there is no mismatch that can lead to losing interest of your child in their lessons.

•    Try to avoid those things that can rob your time. Over commitment to outside activities, too many activities for your children, use of telephone are big time robbers. You can opt for alternatives to avoid such circumstances.

•    Keep your priorities in order and manage your time according to what can be accomplished in your life.

•    Your child is the source of evaluating and criticism that can help you to change the lessons and schedule when required. Students will tell you when lessons are taking too long, or when time could best be used on other tasks.

•    Make a planner that helps you to keep a track of everything that you do while homeschooling your children.

•    Time management is a proactive work. It is important to understand its value and make improvement before it runs out of your hands.

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