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Shaking hands is an important part of making that all-important first impression, especially at job interviews and while networking. Here are some quick tips on how to do it right. Presented by Mark Swartz (, National Career Coach.

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Get advice about how to prepare for a phone interview from the critically acclaimed author of the book “College Students: DO THIS! GET HIRED!”, Mark Lyden. Mr. Lyden has been recruiting, presenting, teaching, and helping college students around the country get HIRED for over 10 years and gives direct practical advice that REALLY WORKS even in this difficult job market.

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Some pointers on how to research, rehearse and get your marketing material together so that you shine at a job fair when seeking employment.

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I made a video a while back to see if atheists would take the “Mark of the Beast” if it meant they couldn’t by or sell without it like the Bible says. The response seemed to support many Rapture Christian assumptions that atheists would still take the mark, believing it was just a coincidence going along with the Bible. One atheist I talked with on Propeller said he thought even I would take the “Mark of the Beast” IF not taking it meant I wouldn’t be able to get my money out of the bank. But, looking back on it, I think I needed to ask and probe further with questions. What was missing from the equation was, “IF you woke up and were hearing reports of Christians missing from their jobs and what not” (who knows how many missing, but, I’m guessing, enough to make the news in a major way as seen in Christian fiction shows), would you STILL take that mark on your right hand or forehead to buy and sell IF the demand from a charismatic world leader CALLED for it? Believe it or not, I’m thinking that even YOU, as an atheists, WOULDN’T fall for what Christians THINK you’d fall for (space aliens removing Christians from the planet so progress can take place, making atheists and non-Christians happy), and, you would actually think you are in the Great Tribulation and WOULDN’T take that mark, risking damnation. That’s what I’m betting. But, hey, maybe Rapture Christians ARE right and you WOULD think it was the space aliens that beamed Christians away and you’d STILL take the mark

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