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Henry ward Beecher once said, “The mother’s heart is a child’s class room”. This is quite true. Being a mother, you can teach your child through the process of homeschooling. This is one of the best options if you want your child to be safe from the dangerous public situations and inculcate strong family bonds in him or her. For moms, this is the most exciting and rewarding journey to play the role of both as a mother and teacher. These days quite a number of such homeschooling moms could be found in church and towns. However, there are certain steps to follow, not only to be successful in homeschooling, but also prove to be beneficial for the mothers.

Here are some homeschooling tips for mothers, to help guide them through the process of teaching.

Be clear with your approach: First make a firm decision to opt for homeschooling and you should have a strong reason, why you opted for it. There could be many reasons such as safety of your child, individual attention in academics, religious or philosophical. You should be very much clear with your approach, before you plan out for your homeschooling program of your own and execute the program to guide your children in the right track.

Update self with the homeschooling programs: Usually education laws change and varies in different town and state. It would be better, if you can consult the local school district authority to know the basic requirements of the homeschooling programs in your area. Some of the schools may require a strict curriculum, whereas others may specify particular subjects to be covered.

Be flexible and patient: Till now you were playing the role of a mother, but now having decided to homeschool your child, you become a teacher as well. It is a very difficult job, as some moms could be pushovers. But, on the other hand the teacher’s qualities in you would expect excellence, as the target or goal is productive education.

Discuss with other homeschooling parents: Internet or the local community groups are the best way to find other homeschooling parents. Parents can meet to discuss about the kids’ science projects, field activities and seek support and advice. However, once there is a get together, new ideas may open up to adopt new process for homeschooling. You can discuss various homeschooling approaches or methods, which could be implemented and prove to be effective. This kind of discussion or get-together can also help to broaden views and the social life circle, which would help the kids too to interact with other home schooling kids.

A working relationship could be developed: Try to develop a working relationship with your child by sitting together and setting the goals. This will make him feel more attached to the studies, as you are also working with him.

Be organized and fix a time and place for studies: You must have noticed that those who have home offices have a specified area or place to conduct business. There is no involvement in family activities during the working hours. Similarly, when you start a homeschooling, its better to keep a specific place for kids, where they can study at the fixed time. The place should be well lit, neat and clean. A secluded area in the home would keep away any kind of distraction. Or the kids may not be able to concentrate and develop interest in studies.

Design a method to evaluate your child: There are programs, which are set to evaluate the child either yearly or quarterly wise. This includes an oral test, project report, test, or anything as per the criteria of the programs.

There are children who have succeeded to achieve best results and these are the same children raised by a homeschooling mother. Follow the above mentioned tips and you could train your child to be the best, as you are able to provide not only the academic knowledge, but also to induce moral and spiritual values.

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Francine Rivers discusses her book, “Her Mother’s Hope.”

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Dwan Abrams reads an excerpt from her March 2010 book release, “My Mother’s Child.” This novel is the long-awaited sequel to “Divorcing the Devil.”

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Book trailer for, “Her Mother’s Hope.” Francine Rivers’ novel releases March, 2010.

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Football’s Top Moms: A Salute to Mothers Day
In celebration of Mother’s Day. I looked for the most inspirational mother stories. Looking throughout football, the list is astronomical. Nearly every time a player makes a speech, he thanks his mother first. Every time a camera zooms in on a player, he usually says “Hi mom!” So in all fairness, there were plenty of good stories for “Top Mom,” but the hands down winner by far comes from the …

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