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www.ClearedJobs.Net ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist Patra Frame on how to negotiate salary when you’ve been offered a new job. You’ve received a job offer but you’re not pleased with the salary being offered. What do you do? HR Specialist Patra Frame discusses the best strategy for negotiating your offer, including salary. Your first consideration is, do you really want the job? Don’t waste anyone’s time with negotiations for a position that doesn’t interest you. If you do want to negotiate the offer, your key points are: 1. Thank the recruiter or hiring manager for the offer. 2. Restate your interest and the value you bring to the position. 3. Ask for the specific changes to the offer you would like to see — two to three changes max — with the business reasons for the changes. 4. Be quiet!

Comments No Comments » Peggy tells you how a simple, 90 day business plan can help you go from interviews and NO offers to a great job offer!

Comments 4 Comments » Join Peggy McKee ( Career Coach/Medical Sales Recruiter) as she discusses what to do when you have an offer on the table but your still waiting on another company to make an offer..

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