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Single parents seeking the very best job search need to get up to speed with what’s happening in the job marketplace these days.

For instance, did you know that people without spouses or children will represent one of the fastest growing segments of the workplace population?

That’s because in 2004 there were 46.4 never-married adults in the U.S.–more than double the number in 1970. The number of childless couples is expected to grow by 50% by 2010.

Already, people without spouses or children are seeking benefits better suited to their lifestyle. As a result, employers will have no choice but to explore a wider variety of work/life benefits instead of work/family benefits So, employment law experts warn that discrimination suits based on parental status are likely to emerge.

According to recent reports, your lifestyle may seriously affect your career or job choice. If you’re serious about conducting the very best job search, you need to know your options. And then have a strategic plan to carry you forward to a successful job offer in the shortest possible time.

Because of the emerging trends we noted, it’s even more important than ever to stay on top of the latest strategies and techniques that can assure you of success in your career or job change.

For example, if you’re a single parent trying to manage the very best job search, you can’t afford to be spending weeks and months trying to land a job. Yet we all fall into that trap because we’re reliant on old-fashioned job search techniques.

I’ll bet the very first thing you think of when you make a decision to look for a new job is your resume. When that’s the starting point, you’re doomed to a long, long job campaign . . . hardly the best job search!

The fast track to an exciting new job has a different origin, one that allows you to systematically explore all your options. Most people are surprised when they learn they’re qualified for a lot more than they originally thought. That’s because we’re locked into a single track where we only see ourselves doing more of the same.

When taking the time to expand your horizons as a first step, suddenly you’re on the best job search. New windows open and new opportunities await.

So, the most important career tip of all for setting up your best job search: get to know what your needs and options are. Then take the time to identify opportunities that best correspond to those needs.

Paul Bowley manages EEI, the world-class pioneer in alternative job search techniques and innovative e-business strategies . . . since 1985. Check out THE WORLD’S FASTEST JOB SEARCH PLAN! And grab our stunning FREE REPORT!

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Someone once said that a child can be educated well with nothing more than a well-stocked library of good books.

This is certainly sufficient for some people, but most parents who are tackling the education feel better about having a homeschool curriculum that they can follow to be sure they cover the topics properly.

For new homeschooling parents, it can truly seem a daunting task to try to choose the right home schooling curriculum for the needs of the particular family unit and individual students.

Usually parents have already been through quite a lot of rigorous study and contemplation before deciding to pursue home schooling with their children, and at that point they are often simply at a loss for knowing how to select the most effective and comprehensive curriculum.

But, it happens often that soon information overload hits as parents find that there are so many different options in homeschool curriculum and the array of choices makes it even more difficult to narrow things down and come to a conclusion regarding the curriculum.

And, thrown into the middle of the mix is the need to be sure that the specific requirements for the state they live in are met and that their homeschoolers are properly prepared for any of the standardized tests that they will be required to take through the local school system.

Those veteran parents who have a few years under their belts of homeschooling children will lend kind words of support to the newcomers and willingly share their choices in homeschool curriculum, voicing their opinions and giving their real-life experiences of the materials.

Sometimes this can be most helpful in narrowing down the choices, while for some people this simply adds to the confusion regarding the matter. And, while parent reviews are helpful, it should always be remembered that your children may need a different lesson plan and structure than others do.

After all, this is one of the main reasons people choose to homeschool, to be able to create more individualized learning paths for their children.

The best route for a parent who is new to homeschooling children is to go slowly, take sufficient time to study the options and consider each child’s style of learning and motivational draws, stay flexible and open, and above all, listen to your parental instincts.

While many companies design, package and market homeschool curriculum that has been developed by professionals, remember that it is the parent who knows their child better than anyone.

In making a decision about home schooling curriculum, avoid getting into a position where you have to make a decision in a panic. This will usually result in a purchase that is more about having something to keep your student busy than what is designed to best meet their needs. This can be a waste of money and a frustration for both parents and homeschoolers alike.

Every year there are many homeschooling fairs and conferences that you can attend. These provide a chance for parents to meet and compare experiences and share advice and also to meet with the publishers of homeschool curriculum and review their products and pick up their marketing literature.

Should you or should you not home school your children?. Get all the latest about homeschool curriculum, and we appreciate your feedback at Mike Selvon home education blog.

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A Moment With God for Single Parents : Prayers for Every Single Parent

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How To Survive Your Teen’s Pregnancy: Practical Advice for the Parents of a Pregnant Christian Single –2007 publication.

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A Comprehensive Guide For Families Wishing To Homeschool. 50% Commission. Ideal Affiliate Product To Offer On Education And Family Websites.
A Parents Guide To Homeschooling.

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Why is there an increasing number of Christian Single Parents resorting to online dating?

Is online dating so effective that people are spending their hard earned money to join a legitimate dating site in the hope of finding their potential spouse or partner?

Can one find a good and trustworthy man or woman of God online without being conned?

Are you spending too much time in front of the computer; so absorbed in your search to find Mr. or Mrs. Right that the rest of the family is neglected?

These concerns have been on my mind and the more deeply I analysed them, I realised that though all the above concerns were valid, there were just as many if not more valid reasons why Single Parents, Christian or not, resort to Online Christian dating.

You may be divorced and after a bitter or unhappy marriage, God has healed your wounds and you are now ready to give love another chance. Going back to the dating scene with a family to care for can prove challenging in terms of babysitting and time management….online dating can be a good option.

Perhaps you are widowed and the thought of loving someone else is unthinkable! It’s like betraying your undying love for your late spouse!More so if you have young children. Then again, God could have impressed upon you that while the dead has gone to a better place, the living need not live in brokeness, misery and agony. You may have needs that can be met by having another Christian love. Feeling loved and understood will definitely make you a better parent to your children. Prime-time seniors who have lost their spouses need not spend the rest of their lives in loneliness. Online dating can provide you an opportunity to meet other single adults who are compatible in age, religion and background.

Single parents carrying the weight of single parenthood may yearn for a helpmate just like it was God’s plan to created Eve to be Adam’s helpmate; to be his equal half to shoulder responsibilities together.You could be a single mother who would like to have a husband to rely on, to be a father figure to your children and perhaps to help provide for your family financially, emotionally and physically. Do you happen to be a single father who wants a mother to nurture your children? A woman of God who could be your equal half to help see to the welfare of your children and give you a much needed helping hand in bringing up your children?

Online dating sites that are dedicated to Single Parents young and old can be a “life saver” to those individuals who long for company and yet are not able to step out of the comforts of their own homes provide a conducive platform for these individuals to get to know lots of people before narrowing down to a special few. Some sites even provide parenting and dating tips!

Whatever your situation may be, it is my hope that you find your ’1 Christian Love’ so that your life may be enriched by the presence of this new love. For information on premier Single Parent Dating sites, check out the website here.

Mary has a website that promotes Christian Single Parent dating. Through her site, she gives comprehensive information on Single Parent Dating sites that would save anyone a huge amount of time looking for the right website to join. She also writes articles that touches on Christian dating for single parents.

To view the website, click the site below.

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How To Become A Better Single Parent.
Help For Single Parents.

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With continual reports on the decline of America’s educational system, it’s no wonder that millions of parents are considering homeschooling. Statistics show that homeschooled children score higher on the SAT and ACT exams than traditionally schooled children, and by the 8th grade are doing work four grades above their level. Now, for the more than two million parents who currently homeschool their children-and the countless others who are considering this education… More >>

Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create a Superior Education for Their Child

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Homeschooling, while it affords you certain freedoms when educating your child, it is not always easy. There are things that you can do to make homeschooling easier for yourself as a parent. The following tips may help make your job as a homeschooling parent a little easier.

1. If in doubt, look on the Internet. If you are in doubt about your method of homeschooling or home school cirriculum use the internet to seek another method. In fact, you can use the internet to help you in regard to nearly everything homeschool related. Do you need something to keep your little one busy while you’re working with an older child? The internet has coloring sheets galore, as well as worksheets, mazes, and puzzles.

2. Choose a complete homeschool cirriculum. Complete curriculums will also make homeschooling easier on you as a parent. Instead of having to search through multiple catalogs to find just the right cirriculum, choose a complete cirriculum. Not only will it save you time, it may even save you money, in the long run.

3. Cut yourself some slack. Don’t expect yourself to be the perfect teacher. Unless you have an education degree, you most likely will make mistakes along the way. Don’t beat yourself up about them. Learn from the mistakes and try not to repeat them again.

4. Allow your children to help themselves. You can’t be expected to know everything, so if your child wants to learn something you don’t know, give them the freedom to follow their interests. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that they learn more on their own than they did while you were more involved.

5. Seek the help from others. When in doubt about anything dealing with homeschooling, seek the advice from those who have been homeschooling for longer than you. Even though they may not have dealt with exactly what you’re dealing with, chances are they will be able to give you advice or point you in the right direction. Take advantage of your homeschooling peers’ offers of help, there might be a time where you’ll be able to return the favor.

6. Online communities are available. If you don’t know people that homeschool in your local area, there are literally hundreds of homeschooling communities on the Internet. Search online for homeschooling groups or forums. They can be found in every state, and even some outside of the United States. You may have to register to join a homeschool group or forum, but you can be as active as you like and remain anonymous if you like.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, one of the reasons most people choose to homeschool is the ease and freedom associated with it. When you have difficulty, however, you may feel as if you need help. The above tips, when followed, can help make homeschooling a little bit easier.

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