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YES YOU CAN have drama-free dating relationships. From the fear of living single to the love of money, most people stay on the emotional rollercoaster called and stay stuck in a series of relationship reruns season after season and year after year. But in her bestselling book Relationship Reruns: How To Break The Cycle Of Choosing The Wrong People For The Right Relationships, The Relationship Realist & Lifestyle Enhancement Coach, Tanya White shows you that you can have some rest from all of your relationship mess. Contrary to what many people believe, relationships do not have to be filled with drama. In Relationship Reruns, Tanya reveals the secrets to having healthy, productive and long-lasting relationships by: •4 Stages Of REST That Will Help You Avoid Any Relationship Mess: What You Need To Do To Truly Have Drama-Free Dating Relationships •8 Reasons Why You Settle For Mr./Ms. Right Now Instead Of Attracting Mr./Ms. Right: Exploring The Concept of Dating-Down and Why You Continue To Settle For Less Than Your Relationship Best •11 Guaranteed Signs That A Friendly Attachment Is Really A Fatal Attraction: How Dating Can Potentially Turn Deadly If You Ignore or Excuse Dangerous Behaviors •7 Reasons Why You Keep Having The Same Type Of Relationships With Different People: How Avoid Being Trapped In A Cycle Of Relationship Reruns ISBN: PRICE: $13.99 Discounts Available For Bulk Orders, Book Clubs, Single Ministries, Womens/Mens Groups Only At or by

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Do you know the signs for when it is time for a relationship to end? In this video Godsgirlg discusses 6 signs that it is time to end a relationship. Enjoy!

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In this video I encourage singles to make sure that they have dealt with their past issues from previous relationships before rushing into another one.

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Love Hangover: Tips for Christian Singles : Moving from Pain to Purpose After a Relationship Ends

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The modern day Christian singles are faced with a lot of relationship complications more than ever in the history of mankind. Our world has changed magnanimously, as the advent in the discoveries of men have soared opening to man new horizons and exposing him to the world, new peoples, new religions, new technology and so on. It is in this complex juxtaposition of life that the Christian singles have found themselves in, as they try to remain faithful to the Lord and make use of the best the world has to offer without being tempted into sin or compromising their belief, which is sometimes very hard to maintain. The period past the period of puberty ushers in early adulthood where a human being finds himself thinking of issues to do with marriage and courtship. When God created man and woman, he created them in a way that after maturity, their lives will be after finding each other, every person looking for that ample mate whom God created for him/her. Christian singles must realize that everything that has to do with relationships, from finding the right person to start a lifetime discovery with is a gift from God, and he blesses every union cultivated from tenets of love and trust in Him. The question then is, if God blesses every union, why do I feel like I married or I am dating the wrong person? The answer is simple; it’s true God blesses every union of two people but your choice of partner must have been driven by a criterion that did not lead you to your God endowed mate. Except for Adam and Eve, the rest of us have a very long list of human beings to go through as we search for that ample partner whom our heart has been craving for. Christian singles have not been involving the most important being, God, in their search for the right partner, leading them to more disappointments in future. The world today has no mercy for anybody, even the brethrens. People everywhere come with different motives which are not God endowed and they convince the Christian singles into falling into the hands of sin and wrong choice. The criteria we use nowadays towards getting the right dating partner is very subjective and affected by different issues that leave us regretting the reason as to why we started our relationships. In case you walk around and you get to where people are complaining about their marriage, saying that their partner is nagging, doesn’t care about them, is fornicating and so on, realize that along the line somebody made the wrong choice and he/she must be reaping the fruits of their choice. The first thing that hits you is that they are complaining in public, while in solid relationships that had Christian singles putting God first in each and step of the way have them appreciating each other and public outbursts are absent, unless of course they are praising their partner.

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