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Report: Lots of job openings in county
NEW ULM – While much of the nation reels from layoffs and long unemployment periods, Brown County appears to be immune from at least some economic ills. “There are lots of job openings in Brown Count.

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In this issue of Boston University’s MBA Report, series host Alyson Blume interviews MBA students, faculty, and recruiters about how to launch a job search.

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Simply Hired Profiles Today’s Job Seeker in 2010 UK Survey Report
Simply Hired®, the leading search engine for jobs and recruitment advertising network, today released its Today’s Job Seeker Report for the UK summarising the results of more than 60 user polls conducted on since October 2009.

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Haiying’s job search report

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I am writing a report about homeschooling and unschooling for my aunt, who we live with. She is against homeschooling very much, which is a problem because we live with her and we homeschool.
She practices phonics at night with my sister and said that she wants me to do something acedemic in the time that they are doing phonics. So I chose to write reports with a point of veiw, and this one is about homeschooling.
It has to be from my opinion, but show all potential sides of the argument (for or against homeschooling). I want to write reasons why homeschooling is the better option, why unschooling is even better, why public school is not the best choice, etc, etc, etc.
I am not asking for you to write the report. I want to know: What are some points you think I should make? What are some subjects I should bring up? Any statistics I should put in that help me make my point?
Serious, helpful answers only, please! Thanks for answering!!!

I am sorry for any misspellings!
I didn’t ask for opinions, topgalant. I asked for help expessing my opinion on the paper that I’m writing that is supposed to express MY OPINION.
Oh, and PLEASE don’t start with the socilization thing, topgalant.

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