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Most Students Entering Nursing School Have No Idea What Nursing Is Really Like, Or If They Have What It Takes To Be A Nurse. Nursing School Costs $5,000-$40,000/semester. You Can’t Afford To Make A Mistake! “should I Be A Nurse?” E-book, 102 Pages
Career Guide: Should I Be A Nurse?

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Job Shadow Questions to Ask Job Search Expert and Career Confidential CEO Peggy McKee discusses what you need to know about job shadowing or preceptorships, and how they can help you find a job fast. http Click here are an Interview Training App for your IPhone or IPad:

Comments 1 Comment » How to Write a Resume – Find out how to keep social sites from hurting your job search. Have you ever thought “I’ll make a resume of my own,” but had a few questions? If so, this short video will show you how to write a resume by answering the question: What should I do about MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. when job hunting?

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Meredith Masse, president of MPOWER Consulting, LLC, shares 3 critical resume mistakes job seekers must avoid to ensure their resume lands on the top of the “Call for interview!” stack. From Fox21 Morning News in Colorado Springs.

Comments No Comments » After reading and listening to this article, I hope you do not continue to rob yourself of a union, that was intended to be one of the most rewarding bonds you could ever form.

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Subscriber Q/A: SHOULD MY BOYFRIEND HELP ME PAY MY BILLS? or is this just something only married people should do?

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Job Search Mistakes Every Job Seeker Should Avoid

A job search is not an easy journey. There are many strategies that are needed to be followed to have a successful job search. Most people are not aware of the mistakes that they make during a job search. They often ignore the important strategies of a job search and thus are not rewarded with desired results. They are unsuccessful to get the right job that will act as a boom to their career.

A Harrison Barnes knows that most job seekers do not think about their overall career. They just simply approach the job search process as the means of getting the next job. They do not for once think how the job can be beneficial for a successful career. You have to decide it before you take the next step. You need to plan your moves and then take a step ahead. You have to first know the direction that you want to move in and then decide on the steps that you need to take to move in that very direction. If your steps are not planned then you will not achieve your dream.

You need to research the industry you want to work in, the organizations present in the market related to this industry, the salary that is offered for the post you are seeking the job for. After the research is completed you have to decide on the goals that you want to attain, the method you want to use to reach out to the potential employers, what will be your approach towards the job hunt, the qualities that separate you from the competitors. These all are needed to pen down and give a serious effort to evaluate the progress of your job search and also the actions that are needed to correct the hunting measures.

A Harrison Barnes, the owner of mentions some basic mistakes made by the job hunters that are needed to avoid by them. By avoiding these mistakes you can have successful job search. You will land up with the job of your choice that too within a small span of time.

Resumes not Well Prepared

The most common mistake made by all the job seekers or hunters as understood by A Harrison Barnes is that their resumes are not well prepared. The resumes lack focus on accomplishments that have had in the past. A resume should be up to the mark for it is the one that gives the first impression about you to the employer. You need to remember that you are writing a resume and not any other document. Your acceptance for the call of an interview depends on the resume presented before the employer. You have to stand out of the crowd and this will differentiate you with the competitors of your field.

Your accomplishments, your qualifications, your experience (if any), your personal details, and the way you can benefit the company through your skills should be neatly and effectively mentioned. A Harrison Barnes’s is one of the best in this field. They offer a lot of services to their clients. They not only offer access to most of the jobs in the market but also help their candidate prepare an eye catching resume. They analyze your needs and requirements and then provide you with suggestion of how to present your details in the best possible way.

Network Strategies often Neglected

Network is the most important tool of a job search believes A Harrison Barnes. You have to understand its importance and bring it in use. You have to keep in touch with your friends, your colleagues, your acquaintances and many other people whom you know. They can best help you in getting the job. Always remember that not all the jobs are posted on the job portals. There are many companies who hire people through references. So your network can help you reach to such employers without much difficulty.

The best thing you can do to get the perfect job for yourself is by registering with a good recruiting service in the business. Today, the best in the field is no other than They have and still are establishing 100% efficiency in job placement. They have a huge database where the job openings belong to every part of the world. Thus, allowing their clients an access to all the job openings that are present in the job market.

A Harrison Barnes’s works on one single goal i.e. to get their clients the best job that they deserve and they have successfully achieved their goal. So make sure the next time you go for a job search, you use

A. Harrison Barnes is the founder and CEO of, the parent company of more than 100 job search websites, employment services, recruiting firms, online employment news magazines and student loan companies. employs several hundred employees in 14 offices throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

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For this article, I thought I would list five reasons that you should consider homeschooling your children.

Homeschooling is becoming more and more common. Estimates are that there is over 1 million kids being homeschooled in the United States. So what are some of the reasons parents decide to homeschool their children? Let’s take a look at five of those reasons.

Better Education

One of the biggest reasons parents decide to homeschool their children is because they feel they can provide for their child a better education. After all, who is going to know the children more and what they need to learn then their parents? If parents choose to homeschool their children, they can decide what the child should know and keep an eye on their education at all times. A child’s education is one of the most important things in their life, it needs to be top quality.


This can be a heated topic, but many parents choose to homeschool their children so that religion can be brought into the education. Whether you agree that religion should be taught in education or not, it’s up for the parents to decide what their children learn, not any of us. If you are considering homeschooling your children and you want to include Religion, then go right ahead. If you don’t want to use religion, then you don’t have to. It’s your choice! You’re the parent!

Poor Learning Environment

Another reason that parents choose to homeschool their children is due to a poor learning environment at school. Let’s face it, the learning environment at school isn’t usually too great. Classrooms are filled with distractions, interruptions, etc.

I remember one time in sixth grade, right during the middle of class, my sixth grade teacher actually stopped class to run and call into a radio contest show. Was that really necessary? If you homeschool your children, they don’t have to deal with any of this.

Peer Pressure/Safety

Another problem with some schools is the peer pressure from other students and the violence in classrooms. When you send your kids off to school, you just never know who they may interact with and you don’t know what they might be exposed too. Will someone get them to try drugs? Will someone hurt them? Homeschooling your children eliminates that problem.

Family Time

And finally, we come to Family time. This is another reason parents choose to homeschool their children. Life can be busy at times. The kids may be at school during the day, but in the evening, dinner is being cooked, homework is being done, the children are out with friends, etc. How often do you really get a chance to spend time with your kids in the evening? By homeschooling your children, you have the chance to be around them the entire day.

These are just five of the many reasons parents choose to homeschool their children. If you are thinking of homeschooling your children, then good luck with it! I also recommend you check out Professor Homeschool. It is an e-book explaining all about how to begin homeschooling. I went ahead and included the link to this e-book in my author information. It has all the information you need to know to get started. So educate yourself with this information and start homeschooling!

Justin decided to write this article because he was homeschooled since 7th grade and saw the benefits from it. For the complete guide to begin homeschooling, check out: Professor Homeschool – The Complete Guide To Begin Homeschooling Your Children.

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As children grow out of their little pants and are ready to begin their teens, many parents wonder if they should continue with the homeschooling program. They fear that colleges may not give equal opportunities to a child educated at home.

Many fears of this kind were put to rest when 2 homeschooled boys got admission into Harvard. Harvard does not require a high school diploma for gaining admission to their degree program. Many colleges are more interested in the knowledge and behaviour of the homeschooled children rather than their high school diplomas. In fact, other things being similar many colleges prefer homeschoolers because of the diversity and richness they bring to their college life.

Admission requirements may vary. While some colleges require the child to appear for the SAT, others may need a general equivalency diploma. And some may not care for any tests at all. The criterion may vary depending on the college that you wish to apply to. But, college courses really do not require any high school background or special training.

It is common to come across parents who frantically try to shift out their home school children to high schools because they fear unavailability of college admissions. But college admissions are open to all educated individuals, regardless of whether they are educated at home or at a public school.

Homeschooling and the family

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost 1.1 million children underwent homeschooling in 2005 alone. That’s a lot of children. Once upon a time, homeschooling used to be a radical statement – something like a declaration of independence. It was the conservative Christians who advocated homeschooling in the ’80s and legalized it in every State. But the typical homeschooler of the day is not religiously motivated.

Recent surveys indicate that parents are actually quite fed up of the public school systems where much of the learning is superficial and compulsory. They are also concerned about negative school environment ranging from drugs and abuse to negative peer pressure. As a result, we have a surprising mix of people who form the homeschooling world of today. They cut across all religious and regional borders. Their main aim is providing meaningful and productive learning through a method that strengthens the bond between the various members of the family.

All these families have one thing in common – a long enduring commitment to the sanctity of childhood. The children in these families are accorded a primary position. Many believe, and rightly so, that homeschooling allows parents to bring up children in a more natural and nurturing environment. Public schools can make one nervous, diffident and downright mean. Children who get schooled at home are protected from these damaging negative influences till they reach an age where they can handle it.

Homeschooling draws the whole family into the almost religious task of schooling. Everyone is put to work. The parents together form a bond with the children. Any experience can be turned into an educational experience. Both the parents are aware of exactly what is going into their child’s head. Parents also have greater control on the kind of religious and moral values that the child imbibes. Even watching a movie together can become a learning experience. Trips to the libraries and other places become educational as well as recreational.

A homeschooling family is primarily dependent on the income of one earning member. That means that often spending has to be curtailed and proper planning of expenditure is a must. This helps to bring the family members together and everybody gets involved in the process of saving money.

Having a parent at home to supervise, to nurture and care for the children brings with it a lot of love and caring. Even your husband chips in and there just is no room for boredom. Yes, problems do crop up, and there are a lot of misgivings in your mind. But when you know that your kids can always count on you, and your kids know it too, then homeschooling becomes a richly rewarding experience.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor and co founder of Free Affiliate Programs

For more information and resource links on homeschooling visit: Online Homeschooling

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Your legal situation as a homeschooler depends largely on what state you live in and how state and local officials enforce the laws concerning compulsory attendance, private education, and homeschooling. Whether they require registration, a notice of intent, regular evaluation, or advance approval, the statutes take in your state can be less important than how they are enforced.

To keep your homeschooling legal worries to the minimal level they deserve, here are some things which you should bear in mind:

Know what your state’s law says. Read the applicable statutes for yourself, talk to other homeschoolers, and join a state homeschooling organization that monitors the regulations affecting homeschoolers.

Learn what potential problems for homeschoolers exist in your state. Learn how other homeschoolers have dealt with them successfully, and plan how you’d respond if faced with them yourself. Don’t wait until after the fact to learn what your options could have been.

Do not automatically assume that any explanation of home-schooling legal issues you hear or read is correct. Whether the opinion is that of a school official, a lawyer for a home-school legal defense organization, a legislator, or another homeschooler, you need to check it out for yourself. Laws concerning homeschooling are usually complex; clear and definitive statements on legal issues usually leave out something important.

Do not let worry about legal issues distract you from the everyday business of homeschooling. When homeschoolers object to rules that require them to document their children’s learning or to have their kids tested on a regular basis, it’s because such requirements often interfere with that learning. If you are changing your whole approach to homeschooling because of your state’s legal requirements, you are probably worrying way too much about the law.

Do not be shy about your homeschooling. You don’t have to announce it to everyone you meet, but visible home-schoolers help make homeschooling familiar and acceptable to the general public. With enough of us around, the, public may eventually understand that homeschooling can be fun and exciting, as well as effective, and we’ll find we have active support even from families who would never homeschool themselves.

Joshua Poyoh is the creator of He writes and researches into the area of the Benefits Of Homeschooling

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