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Tough times still ahead for job seekers
LAS CRUCES – Carlos Duran hopes to find a job soon, maybe in the Chino copper mine near Silver City.”But I’ll take anything: warehousing, machining, construction,” the 46-year-old Las Crucen said.

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God has a special purpose in life for a some people and being single still is due to this and nothing else. This man was born blind for a special reason “So that Jesus could shoew His power to the people around” God may have a special reason for the extra long time of you being single and all the associated pain with it. May be He is allowing you to be kept single so that He can reveal His power to you and through you and many other people will be blest because of this? May it be so for you!

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GMC Middle School softball team still unbeaten
The GMC Middle School softball team may not taste a defeat this season after pulling off another fantastic string of victories to boost their record to 15-0 on the season.

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