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Five tips for following up after the interview. 1) It is important to determine an appropriate call back date 2) The thank you note 3) What to say, what not to say 4) What to do if you do not receive an immediate response… 5) Maintaining cordial relations even if you don’t receive an offer

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Internet Marketing Strategies For The Professional Counselor

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Do you know that the average duration of an executive position is 2 years? Are you aware that 70% of jobs are acquired through networking? Do you have a web presence? Are you marketing yourself with a dynamic resume? Take charge of your career now! Job Search Strategies, Personal Branding, Resume Writing and more. Visit

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Approximately, 15 million people are unemployed. Simply put, landing a job today is an extreme uphill challenge. Currently, college graduates find themselves competing with others. Therefore, a different type of strategy is needed. Job Strategies for the 21st Century: How to Assist Today’s College Students during Economic Turbulence by Dr. Daryl Green and William Bailey, provides practical solutions to today’s college grads. Get a copy at

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Don is recognized as a nationwide authority on contemporary job search strategies and technologies. His visionary articles appear around the globe and defy all traditional thinking. This series of videos highlights his out-of-the-box strategies to drive an aggressive job search. His organization produces world-class online multi-media resume portfolios that include video clips and powerful visuals including graphs, tables and charts to demonstrate the expertise and leadership of his candidates. To read several of Don’s articles, visit his website at:

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Are you concerned about making a career change in todays economy? Though I can’t look into the future to see what will happen, what I can do for you is share three tips that will increase your odds of getting the job you want.


Job Search Strategy #1: Go where the jobs are

It’s a wise move to read the executive job trend reports put out by my colleague, Mark Hovind, President of JobBait. I am a big fan of these monthly statistics that show you clearly what markets and states are still growing and hiring. In an uncertain economy, go where jobs are being created.

Another effective tip is to scan your local business journal, or set up a google news alert, to find industries that are growing. A few stable industries include education, healthcare and natural resources.

 Job Search Strategy #2: Turn off the television

Seriously, turn it off! It’s completely negative and “all consuming.” It’s my personal opinion that mainstream media is anything but “fair and balanced.”

And don’t worry, you won’t lose touch. In fact, you will gain precious time in your day and you will be more at peace. You can focus on those things important in your immediate world.

Every day, through my sources, I am literally flooded with HUNDREDS of great job openings just from recruiters trying to find great talent (like you!) for their client companies. You won’t hear THAT on the evening news!

Job Search Strategy #3: Commit to at least 2 non traditional job search methods

Please allow me to just be blunt. Are you between 40 and 60 years old? Then you probably are most familiar and comfortable with traditional job search methods. You simply must take a little time to invest in learning about how you can find jobs that aren’t advertised.

 It’s important because the techniques people use to find jobs that are not advertised decrease their competition by a MILE, improve their response rate TREMENDOUSLY (which does wonders for their confidence), and often results in more job interviews, bigger offers and a shorter job search. Y

You have much to gain and nothing to lose by learning these techniques. I promise you. Optimism and creativity in times like these is absolutely necessary to finding a job or making a career transition. Focus the same energy that you use to drive your career success into creative ways to land your next position and you will undoubtedly find the silver lining in the clouds of turbulent economic times.

Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily get more interviews, shorten your job search and increase your salary? Check out my website: , for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar “5 Simple Steps To Find, Focus On and WIN Your Dream Job – Starting Today!” Nationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer Mary Elizabeth Bradford is “The Career Artisan.”

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Job Search Strategies Seminar Video by Michael Lebeau, Assistant Director, UAB Career Services

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Marcy Morrison of Careers with Wings ( discusses Tips On Job Search Strategies in a Recession and After a Layoff on Channel 10 News San Diego with Kimberly Hunt and Steve Atkinsin.Marcy’s book – “FINDING YOUR PASSION: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” ( is available on Amazon:

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Knowing how to effectively use search strategies can help you while you are employed or unemployed, these methods won’t only help job seekers find a job fast, but more importantly help them find the ideal job.
When searching for a new job there are several common approaches that are typically used by a job hunter to find a position within a new company.
Most of these approaches are passive and have very low odds of turning into a job at all. Job seekers who unknowing… More >>


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Product Description
“All graduate students in the social sciences and humanities should be given a copy of Sandra Barnes’s On the Market on the day that they start graduate school. This book not only tells one how to navigate the job market, but is an excellent guide to planning an academic career.”
–Kenneth J. Meier, Texas A&M University “A wonderful array of wide-ranging suggestions and strategies. The presentation of timelines, outlines for paper presentations and … More >>

On the Market: Strategies for a Successful Academic Job Search

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