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ob Chat is presented by New Landings ( a not for profit organization. Our Mission: To empower individuals to invest their expertise, work together and drive community solutions that address unemployment. Our Vision: At New Landings, we redefine the way people view career transition by actively providing resources and new avenues to showcase their skills. We liberate individuals from the bounds of traditional thinking enabling them to create and engage with meaningful work. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Mike Tracy is the Managing Principal at Omni Employment Management Services, Some items covered in this Job Chat include: 1. Finding Talent — a Search Firm’s Perspective a. What is your view on client needs and expectations .. especially when they’re paying you to help them find someone? b. What’s your process and how much time do you spend trying to find the ‘perfect’ candidate for your client? c. Is it really any easier or harder to find a job today than before the economic challenge? 2. When and How to Leverage Recruitment Firms a. What is your recommendation on how job seekers should network /utilize recruitment firms? b. How can someone best prepare themselves to be attracted by recruitment firms as a candidate?

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Watch how recruiters can easily find the right candidates for their open positions, faster and cheaper then ever before. Search millions of candidate resumes found on social networking sites, such as Linkedin, job boards, such as Monster, the open web and even your own organization’s applicant tracking system. For more information on Match or a personal demo, please see, email us at or call 866.747.3375.

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www.ClearedJobs.Net Tim Strike with General Dynamics-IT discusses their application and interview process. When someone applies for a position on your website and they are uploading their resume, should it be a detailed resume and how long should it be? It should be a detailed resume; it should be a detailed specifically for that position that they are applying for and make sure that they do meet the requirements for the position. In terms of length it really depends on the individual, but I will say that optimally, a two-page resume should be able to suffice to give us detailed information on how they fit the opportunity. Now, one of the reasons why you are looking for a detailed resume is mainly because you are using a search function when you are searching your data base. So, your recruiters are actually looking for specific keywords in these resumes so having it detailed would have those keywords, wouldn’t it? Absolutely, the recruiters are looking for certifications, years of experience. Also in our industry with the clearances, we are looking at the clearances to see if they have the required clearance to meet that opportunity. When a job seeker is called for a first interview who will they meet with? And what is their process when they interview with General Dynamics? After the individual is identified we do call them and screen them to make sure that they fit the other areas of the position that might not be covered on their resume in terms of commuting distance

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YourCity.MD’s New Technology in Healthcare Search, for Quality Care, Goes Viral After Defeating WebMD and Google in …
YourCity.MD hits a home-run with most recent press release. YourCity.MD announced record numbers of users of their Free .MD City and State, One-Click search engines by more than 8,000% in some communities, in less than 30 days of their latest news release. The increases in viewer traffic came quickly after announcing their huge upset win as YourCity.MD Defeated WebMD, Google, Ask, AOL, MSN …

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