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Homeschooling is a rewarding experience, one that allows children the unique opportunity of one-on-one learning. One-on-one learning helps students absorb information more quickly and also helps parents better see any weak points in study. It also helps students be more open to asking questions and getting their doubts cleared as opposed to a group setting where they may feel shy or embarrassed. There are many homeschooling resources available for homeschooling families (just Google it and you’ll know what I am talking about) but have you ever thought of online math tutoring as a helpful and effective resource?

Why Online Math Tutoring And Not Traditional In-person Tutoring?

You may ask- since I am seeking tutoring, why don’t I go for in-person help as opposed to online math help? Online math tutoring has a lot of advantages over traditional tutoring (you can find some on homepage) including convenience, flexibility, and affordability. I will highlight some advantages of online math tutoring here that make homeschool math a breeze.

Extra Learning Boost/Support

Sometimes there are points in a child’s study where the parents do not feel they have the capabilities or feel the need to give their kids an extra learning boost. This is true especially for higher grade level math like algebra, geometry, calculus etc. Some venture with a new or different curriculum, some seek help of other families and some even put away math for some time. Online math help can be very beneficial during such times. You can have a professional tutor work with you at your pace and provide that much needed support and bring back the confidence in your child. It can help a child who is behind catch up. Also, it can help a child learn a certain concept better or prepare for a test like SAT with professional support.

Coincide With Current Homeschooling Curriculum

Online tutoring sites, such as often will work with the child directly from the
curriculum that the child is using as a part of their home school program. This feature is beneficial to homeschooling students, as they will be able to keep up with their lessons. It also gives the parents reassurance that student is being taught from the family’s chosen resources. The fact that the child’s current curriculum is used helps the child not only learn the concepts, but to also re-enforce previous concepts.

Comfortable Studying Pace

This benefit of online tutoring coincides with one of the varied reasons that parents choose homeschooling. Homeschool students can move at a pace they are comfortable with while learning. Not all children learn at the same pace or with the same learning styles. Online tutoring is done at the child’s pace. If a child needs extra attention in a concept, that concept can be worked on until the child fully understands it.


Options exist for both offline, as well as online tutoring. Online tutoring can be more cost-effective as companies use global resources and easy to use cutting edge technology to make online tutoring affordable for all. You can schedule sessions when you want and not revolve your day around it.

Cultural Experience

Because of advanced technology, students can interact with teachers that may be in a different country like India. Homeschooling parents and students find it fascinating to learn from a qualified and professional tutor with such a different cultural background. The interactive tutoring sessions makes sharing cultural experiences very enjoyable and informative.


Online tutoring can build confidence in both the children and the parents. Parents will gain confidence in knowing that their children are succeeding with homeschooling. There also will be confidence gained, due to the fact that lessons are being taught by an expert. The children will gain confidence as they learn and understand each new concept. When children are confused during learning, some might feel frustrated or worthless. A child’s natural confidence can again be restored when those hurdles are overcome during online tutoring.

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