Posts Tagged “Video” Hi, my name is Nancy. This is my video resume. Please email me at if you have any job opportunities. Thanks.

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Want to know how to stay pure while dating? Lecturer Thomas P. Schmierer explains how to do so. He introduces the “pleasure” and “prudent” relationship progressions. The pleasure progression is the way to relationship failure. The prudent progression, a success-filled style of dating, consists of four types of love introduced at specific periods. These periods are called the Dating Preparation, Friendship Dating, Formal Courtship, Novena, Engagement, and Marriage Phases. For full audio presentation visit

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SMU Cox BBA and MSA Career Services video tutorial on how to update your profile, upload documents, and search and apply for jobs. We also cover how to set up a job agent so that the system will search for jobs for you! Updating your profile

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A video resume can be a powerful tool for highlighting your potential to employers. But is it always the right kind of attention? Meet George Turnbull. He’s so convinced that his charm (and outfits) can land him his dream job that he’s created a video resume showing them off. And show off he does. Can this masterpiece of self-aggrandizing land him a job? You be the judge.

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Live Deep: Elim Singles Regional Conference 2009 “Put out into the deep…” – Jesus (Luke 5:4) Deep waters call for greater risks and dangers unknown to those who choose the security of the shoreline. But the deep is the birthplace of wonder. Adventure. Excitement. Exhilaration. Life. At Live Deep, discover truths that will thrust you into the depths of an existence that is truly full, a life and mission that you know you should be living, here and now. So what are you waiting for? Get into the water and head for the deep!

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Yes we know it’s cheesy but it’s good for a laugh. This is a promotional video for Christian dating service from years ago. Much has changed since those early days. Have a chuckle as a woman teaches her friends all about online dating at

Comments No Comments » Sending your resume, hiring process, resume tips, resume advice, job search, hiring, recruiting, recruitment, hiring strategy, resume tips, resume advice, funny. CareerOyster’s Resume Humor video showing an amusing depiction of what can happen to your resume that may closer to the truth than you might think.

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This clip offers a sneak peek at JIST Publishing’s “Quick Interview and Salary Negotiation Video.” This DVD is 30 minutes long and part of the “Quick Job Search Video Set.” Viewers will learn proven strategies for landing interviews fast, being effective during the interview, and negotiating for the best salary. For more information about this DVD, visit For information about the complete set, visit

Comments 4 Comments » Funny video about job interviews. Job interview fail, job interview tips, funny interviews, what not to do in an interview CareerOyster can help you avoid these job interview mistakes and more. InterviewCoach is an online video- and workbook-based training module to help you win in the job interview so that you get more job offers. CareerOyster’s Interview humor video that shows the importance of going into an interview prepared and with a strategy.

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A funny and creative Valentine’s Day movie satire, portraying the single life of many young Christian believers. In their time of being single, they have many opportunities to study their Bibles, spend time in selfless prayer, reach out to the needy and participate in many God-honoring activities. Instead, they cleverly use those opportunities to fall in love. This Valentine’s Day sermon video illustration is the ideal tool for your upcoming Valentine’s Day message, or any sermon on the topic of singleness, love, dating or courting. Subscribe to Sharefaith and get the full, non watermark version of this video and hundreds of other quality worship video backgrounds, motion video loops, countdown timers and more. Visit: Sharefaith is used by over 17000 churches worldwide and is the internet’s leading provider of christian video, church bulletin covers, church newsletter templates, sermon powerpoints, art and illustrations.

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