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Jesus Christ’s true Gospel of grace, holiness. grace is only a part of the Gospel. Doing the will of God in heaven is the true gospel of Jesus Christ once saved always save is false gospel. Christian music will not save you nor christian singles. Only Christian life will save you THIS IS CLARIFICATION OF THIS VIDEO. 1. The ability to overcome sin is grace 2. grace is given to the humble who abides in Christ whom comes through the Holy Spirit. 3. without this grace it’s IMPOSSIBLE to keep Holy. 4. Therefore NO ONE can boast that their works can save them because technically it is HOLY SPIRIT (Jesus Christ) whom gives you strength to overcome sin. 5. you can’t overcome sin with your works. Only abiding in Jesus whom gives grace unto you. 6. JUST BELIEVING IS NOT ABIDING IN CHRIST. THE WORKS SHOW whether you are abiding in the devil or abiding in Christ. 7. The FAITH IS that God will give you the POWER to overcome ALL temptations, and faith is not just believing in Jesus. Pray to God earnestly and fervently to do everything to keep you saved and for you to not lose heart. God bless. There is a difference between living in sin and committing an error because you are human.Those who steal must stop stealing, the fornicators must stop fornicating. If a sheep falls in mire it gets out, if pig falls into mud it wallows. A Christian hates sin and repents immediately if he has done something wrong. He continually lives in repentance. He also changes his ways, gets rid of bad

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I saw a job search advice tips article an one of the things it warned about was that you can’t really effectively search for work online all the time. IT seems however, that all of the job listings are online. How do I go about finding ones available without being stuck behind my computer?

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I want to start searching for a new job, but I don’t want to cause a huge blow to my attendance by taking off tons of time to interview. Has anyone ever conducted a successful job search without making it obvious at your current job? And how did you schedule the interviews around your work schedule? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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