Ben Gleib always thought the school hall pass was an abuse of power by his teachers!

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25 Responses to “The Abusive Hall Pass – Comedy Time”
  1. krutaa says:

    Then why are you reading thru the comments? Not a smart choice.

  2. SkilesASMB says:

    “Apparently, you were a dick in Chemistry, get out of my office!”

    Story of my life, folks.

  3. CorvixEyes says:

    One of my teacher’s hall passes was a wooden paddle.

  4. LunarDesk says:

    i bit her too

  5. neonmangos1 says:

    you know what makes the joke so much better, when people right the punchlines before you see the video, oh i love that!

  6. SkittlesGurl4Life says:

    i have a teacher named Mr. Vandahl that uses a doll called the Van Doll as a hall pass, lmao i give her new hairstyles everyweek!

  7. pauseTV says:

    Hahahahaha, this TOTALLY took me back to school when I would get into trouble for HARMLESS things which are meaningless when you grow up, haha, thank you, this cracked me up real good :) 

  8. WarpInOblivion says:


  9. Li1Smil3y says:

    lmfao!!! dat last joke made my nite xD

  10. ak123456p says:

    toilet paper as a hall pass. get that all the time

  11. Vicymorgan says:

    He reminds me of Marty from Back to the Future.

  12. blackezi3 says:

    @makotosolo Yes!! Ugh lol

  13. missjdcox says:

    i think hes the drug addict from scrubs

  14. msrebelnardcore says:

    I had a teacher in HS that used a boat oar.

  15. 888Kharami says:

    YES I Bit Her !! Classic

  16. votumseparatum1 says:

    My teacher used a wooden paddle. She used it to spank your ass if you ever asked for a hall pass. lol.

  17. Hobinator17 says:

    one of my teachers used a fake knife for a hall pass, and wen i used it once a teacher said “u gotta hall pass?”. well, i held it out and she jumped up and had the “oh shit” look on her face. she thought i was trying to stab her

  18. gayashani100 says:

    Place for you to meet other naughty women

  19. jjrlover72591 says:

    one of my teachers used a roll of toilet paper for an hall pass…she figured students didn’t want to be seen in the hallways with a roll of t.p.

    “Is that the pass?” :Yes.” “I can hold it.”

  20. pinkshopperz21 says:

    @llcasanova ouch now that sucks

  21. llcasanova says:

    At least it wasn’t a Tanpon, consider yourself lucky. Can you imagine, trying to hold back a christmas log for an hour an half cuz u dont wanna walk around with that shit!

  22. imaginedork says:

    he looks drunk at fist lol

  23. fariepwincess says:

    LOOOL this guy has the voice AND he’s hilarious :) :) :)

  24. billion215 says:

    hahaha gud one

  25. Gonamez says:

    This one is good! love his voice, hah!

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