First off, watch in 720p!! Secondly, this is a send off to Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg, a magical place I owe so much to. I never truly appreciated it until I stayed for one last summer, forgoing the job search and taking a chance at filmmaking. Hopefully, this video inspires you to explore and discover there is so much more to Virginia Tech and Blacksburg than you think…. The video is supposed to be about a student who falls asleep in class and dreams about going outside and enjoying the summer only to wake up in class at the end. Since no school would let me reshoot the beginning and final scenes, I’m compelled to simply post it, and let the love of a Blacksburg summer stand for itself. Thanks to everyone who helped me and to Theta Chi Fraternity for letting me live in the backyard and in my van all summer. Many thanks to the members of the Virginia Tech Caving, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, and Outdoor clubs who helped me out, and to TOTS for letting me film there. Partially in thanks to this video, I now have a summer gig with NOLS as a video production intern, so stick around for the videos I make with them. I promise they’ll be worth the wait, and be sure to share the video if you liked it!! Now get outside, and go Hokies! -Matt (class of 2011) Filmed entirely with the GoPro HD

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24 Responses to “The Blacksburg Summer”
  1. kickthejohn says:

    where was that cliff!?

  2. Robert Baird says:

    extreme nostalgia. thanks for the great video

  3. paddlealot2761 says:


  4. expatginger says:

    A late response I know. But what do you have in mind? I could potentially cut something together for you

  5. Glop1298 says:

    The transition with the kayak crashing into the backyard pool that becomes a raging river was amazing.

  6. Brian Bailey says:

    Enjoyed the video. As I’ve not been back to enjoy anything other than a football game in over a decade, I’d love to see a breakdown of the locations…… E.g. Where where the cliffs you jumped off, was that dragon’s tooth, was the white water on the new river, there is a skateboard park in bburg???, etc..

  7. Jeff Chambliss says:

    my front porch at 1:15 yeee

  8. notableword says:

    Awesome video…done alot of this stuff myself this summer. Only thing missing is disc golf at golden hills course and claytor lake! Blacksburg summer is something every tech student should experience!

  9. VunitedT2015 says:

    @expatginger This vid is amazing Matt! Miss you bud; come back to visit us at the Theta Chi house anytime and take me caving/rock climbing/kayaking!

  10. Min Kim says:

    hah Margo you just saw this vid?

  11. Margo Eggeling says:

    you won’t regret it!

  12. karalatt says:

    Just saw via Linked In. If alcohol references were taken out — I would totally use this in my academic role….. :)

  13. expatginger says:

    thats partially why i made the video my friend. enjoy it! VT is amazing

  14. bendelsgirl94 says:

    this video is amazing! I start at VT in the fall and couldn’t be more excited. It’s so beautiful here and I hope to explore just as much as you have. Also this video has confirmed my desire for a gopro even more

  15. highoutofhappiness1 says:

    wont lie, this video really inspired me to apply/go to tech :)

  16. ryanch8 says:

    Great video! Did you go to Summersville Lake at all?

  17. wymarc10 says:

    Any chance you could tell where that remarkably clear lake was?

  18. tylermorris20902 says:

    Can’t wait to be back in Blacksburg!

  19. OKArmidillo says:

    Could you tell me where you went fishing at 2:01? Looks like a great place.

  20. Keith Szkodny says:

    2 people are from UVA

  21. skiddy540 says:

    Very well done

  22. sickspic9591 says:

    nice transitions

  23. afair219 says:

    Fuck CNU, I’m transferring.

  24. mistocristo says:

    Awesome video…thumbs up for Empire of the Sun too!!

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