This is a powerful resume delivery system, the first of its kind. Create your resume and then track your resume’s location on the web – into your potential employers hands! Create a resume, track your resume. Write a professional- looking cover letter and resume. The Resume Bear delivers!

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23 Responses to “The ResumeBear Resume Delivery System”
  1. wordsmith333 says:

    Fun video. Even cooler product. Imagine no longer having to send out clunky email attachments that can wind up in the employer’s spam folder instead of being read. A ResumeBear resume is sent as an online link. Once received and opened, the job seeker is notified in real time that his or resume is being read. Wow! And the “Bear” seems to be adding more features all the time.

  2. wordsmith333 says:

    I use ResumeBear and yes, it can be used in any country in the world. There is a new “What’s Included” video plus an audio/video/text frequently asked questions section now that are really cool.

  3. robertwhitney says:

    I liked this video. I will check out the website to see more on this product. I am in the job market so I hope this can help.

  4. Diana Lewis says:

    Thought everything was great when I took this job, now they’re talking layoffs right before the holidays. Glad I kept my subscription going. I see you’ve added a lot to the site, looks like I’m gonna need it again.

  5. llorracz says:

    Looks like something even I can do.

  6. Exotac says:

    Interesting concept.

  7. jasonineuless says:

    this product helped me get a great job!

  8. Chris Diggs says:

    Hey you guys,This system is the best I’ve seen so far this year.If you are looking for a job I would plug into this the ResumeBear system!!!
    Jimmy Pasadena,Ca

  9. startnow62 says:

    Thanks Resume Bear I GOT HIRED. I see someone poested you can be a rep for the ResumeBear I did not know you had reps. Well I’d be all over it but I got my Dream Job. Thanks for the software. It workd just like the video says it would!

  10. DeadlyFurby says:

    Looks like most of the “comments” are being made by ResumeBear reps.

  11. bobbiinca says:

    Imagine, actually knowing when my resume is read! What a great idea.

  12. pjbenjamin says:

    WOW..This is so easy even I can do it. Wrote a new resume in minutes and sent it to ten people and then checked to see when it was opened.

  13. cashncolorado says:

    Timing is EVERYTHING! The extreme down turn in our job market has laid a solid foundation for this incredible tool to work it’s “magic” in support of job seekers! Kudos to the Inventor of this amazing product!!!

  14. Chris Diggs says:

    The Bear it the best ever!!!!
    Jimmy Diggs Pasadena,Ca

  15. control1946 says:

    great opportunity! fun and easy to use. i am so very impressed!

  16. control1946 says:

    fantastic opportunity! easy and fun to use. brings great results

  17. Diana Lewis says:

    I tried ResumeBear and it is awesome! Do you realize how exciting it is to know in real time when someone is looking at your resume? I would certainly recommend this to people who are sending out resumes online. ResumeBear offers a tremendous advantage over all other online resume options, and the price is so reasonable that everyone can afford it.

  18. jasonineuless says:

    Very nice! This product is amazing and affordable to anyone from a temp job to a high six figure a year job seeker like myself

  19. wordsmith333 says:

    Love the tracking idea. Nice to know if an employer opened my resume, how long he or she kept it open, forwarded it on to someone else in the company. Totally cool. And since there are no attachments, makes it easier for companies that don’t accept attachments.

  20. control1946 says:

    excellent opportunity for people to find jobs! i will use it when it is launched.

  21. ScorpioSag says:

    I’m a quaker lady. I wonder if they’ll let me use the bear to find a job to work from home? Price of gas is so high, ain’t nobody gonna pay me double salary just so I can get there and back.

  22. swishermangg says:

    This is amazing. I can finally be in charge of my job search process. Now I can find out what they like and dislike about my cover letter and resume by knowing how much time they spent on it and then calling them to ask how I could improve my resume. The templates are very helpful and the price is unbelievable.

  23. Susan Critelli says:

    Actually it is. Have you seen how many people are looking for work lately?

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