I want an answer for my videos…Twelve Imams of ahlul albait are the rightful for the cliphate according to Quran and the Authentic hadith in Sunni books ,and Shia (followers) of ahlul albait are the right sect in Islam…

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22 Responses to “The Saviour Pt:5 (Ahlul albait or Companions, All Muslims,”Can you handle the truth” ?)”
  1. Aws8819 says:

    @courseworkdue you want us to read books writen by men?? you should read the book that was writen by god threw the prophet (PBUH) you will understand much better then the words of men. if evil men did what they did don’t blame it on islam but blame it on them selfs because that’s where it came from. don’t blame all the muslimeen for something that happend 1200+ years ago. but instead you should be looking for a way to unite us then we will be like we usto be as ONE! that is the truth my Brother.

  2. TigerKingH says:

    we mustn’t speak that way of our brothers, we’re better than that.

  3. ShiaMuslim4lyfe says:

    You shouldnt have used yellow colours writing they are very bright and i cant see

  4. ShiaMuslim4lyfe says:

    Labayka ya Husaain May Allah(SWT) strengthen the arms of Hezbollah the Palestenian ressistance and all oppressed people of the world
    Like Imam Husayn (AS) fought and died for

  5. courseworkdue says:

    Ya Ahlul Sunnah go and read the references found in this video, please come to the truth! We dont hate you we just want you to see the reality.
    You may call us liars, but how can bukhari and muslim also be lying!!!

  6. greentea636 says:

    thank you for posting this beautiful series, 12followershia! Labbayk Ya Hussain!

  7. hibah121 says:

    Very beautiful…….thanks for posting…..May all the muslims and people open their eyes and heart to the Truth

  8. lebmo says:

    you are claiming your main sunni scholars are liers too, would you like all the refrences?

  9. 12followershia says:


    my friend….if that so …how about the Sunni channel…and how about all the Sunni Authentic hadith and their number and page…all u have to do is to check them and u will see if we are lying or showing the truth….open your heart not only you eyes…Allah doesnt change the condition of people unless they change whats inside themselves…..look at the facts and sources not only the video…W salam

  10. danielalawi says:

    The sunni are blind, dumb and deaf

  11. scorpionhackerxxx says:

    Again a Fantastic Documentary….
    i suggest u should use more Bold and Rich Coloured Text , suitable to video image so it will be more eazy to read…
    nevrtheless it waz gr8 nd keep it up

  12. 12followershia says:


    i already added what u said…and thank you i do appreciate your help….

  13. 12followershia says:

    Thank you all for your comments..May Allah reward you for supporting the truth and the rights of ahlul albait…i really appreciate all your comments….May Allah bless u you all…….

  14. SyedRizvi786110 says:

    B) and after nominating His successor Imam Ali (as), the Prophet recieves his final revelation.

    “Today I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favors upon you and have chosen for you Islam as the way of life for you” (5:3).

  15. SyedRizvi786110 says:

    Great Video, again Brother!
    Keep up the good work.

    Please just accept my few side notes to your presentation.

    A) After the Final Pilgrimage of the Prophet (SAW), the Prophet recieved a revelation of the Qu’ran.

    Oh Messenger, communicate whatever has been sent down to you by your Lord. If you do not do so, you will not have conveyed his message at all” (5:67).

    That is when the Famous gathering of the Prophet rook place at Ghadeer a khum.
    After delivering His final Sermon…

  16. aawanisda says:

    well done massallah umer was the first one to pledge allegence to imam ali

  17. shiadefenceforce says:


  18. shiadefenceforce says:

    well done sis

  19. shiaGodfather says:

    Excellent video brother

  20. encryptedreality0 says:

    ur work is always awesome, bro

  21. MAFHHZB says:

    And the surprising thing was that neither Abu Bakr nor Umar were from Quraysh as we all think they were from.

  22. microsoftchairman says:


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