www.timhawkins.net Oh, the misconceptions and realities of homeschool life, from comedian (and homeschool dad) Tim Hawkins.

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25 Responses to “Tim Hawkins – A Homeschool Family”
  1. AdysonSweetwater says:

    um if they never leave their dwelling why do they have a car?

  2. KeyWestGunnar says:

    I’m homeschooled but I am mostly outside rather than inside

  3. wizardmon13 says:

    I’m homeschooled, but… not like that lol

  4. JazzmineTheFatCat says:

    lol so funny

  5. love2sing191 says:

    hehe i was homeschooled for like 4 years

  6. 0nyxV3n0m says:

    thats cool we have five 3 boys & 2 girls

  7. varthkur says:

    Meek, Unique! haha I love it.

  8. SThriftable says:

    haha this one is HILARIOUS! love it!!! Tim Hawkins is…great!

  9. ThePaintballjunkie22 says:

    just great!

  10. MyFreedomChannel says:

    You evil hate mongers of public schools … hahahahaha .. just kidding!! I support home schooling, too … my sister does that with her kids; two out of her five have graduated and are doing well. :-)

  11. SkyBlueBlossomRLZ says:

    ‘our 6 yr olds a sergin, a home school family’

    ;the parents are the tooters, we build out own computers, theres reccess in the foyer, and then we read tom soyer, our nine year olds a lawer’

    oh my gosh this is FUNNY!!!

  12. momtoafew says:

    I still just love this video.

  13. NetivYAH1 says:

    I homeschooled my boys and they each entered college at 16. I love this video, love it love it love it! Hysterical. That’s right, I can spell. ;o)

  14. SCOTTYBEE4JC says:

    LOL pretty Hilarious!!

  15. pattycake101ful says:

    umm this is really stupid

  16. MBLMswim says:

    I’m homeschooled but I wouldn’t say I’m not weird just not like that. haha

  17. cupicaik124 says:

    This remind me so much of the Duggars O_o

  18. akcountryalltheway says:

    im homeschooled….but im not that werid lmao..and we dont have THAT many kids.. and we have a real computer lol

  19. Lachance8 says:

    Having homeschooled my girls I find this hilarious!

  20. haleymathiot says:

    HAH! 100% only thing missing is grinding wheat and baking bread, and i can’t spell worth beans ;)

  21. 4me2cclearly says:

    “Thank God for public schools in´╗┐ America.”

    You are kidding right?
    If not, what is the reasoning you draw your conclusion from?

  22. 4me2cclearly says:

    Please explain what hypothesis within evolutionary theory is not consistent with observations.
    - Do animals not reproduce with variation?
    - Do we not have nested hierarchies in biology?
    - Are these hierarchies not matched by progressions of traits in the fossil record?
    - Is there a mechanism to stop inherent genetic variations from accumulating?

  23. ericneedsU says:

    lol, this was good.. this guy is doing a show where i live
    i would bash on his wholesome conservative values but his family is just so gosh darn cute.

  24. deselgroth says:

    @joroma77 if you are identifying new “breeds” of dogs as being new species of dogs, that is incorrect; all domestic dogs belong to Canis familiaris. No one attributes new breeds to evolution, only selective breeding.

  25. ProudMomof4Boys says:

    Thankyou…. very funny… Sharing this with the other homeschooled families…. LOVE IT!

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