Keva Dine from San Diego creative boutique search firm, TKDA, Inc. discusses the importance of “articulation” with The Art Institutes. The Art Institutes is a system of over 40 schools located throughout North America.

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7 Responses to “TKDA, Inc.’s Keva Dine Shares Career Tips w/ The Art Institutes”
  1. mnmldesigns says:

    sweet! love it. Go Keva!!

  2. kevadineagency says:

    ahh thanks i love my keep a breast family!

  3. kevadineagency says:

    ahh thanks. now get to work on your list! :) keva

  4. kevadineagency says:

    great feedback – cheers! – keva

  5. Leaheasley says:

    Amazing, great info, great tips. Keep em coming Keva!

  6. percybun says:

    Keva is a genius.

  7. keepabreastvideo says:

    yeah keva!!! great job.

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