Two modern day losers encourage one another as they live from day to day.

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8 Responses to “Tom & Baggit Dynamic DUO! First Episode!”
  1. ninomt says:

    i mean thanks

  2. ninomt says:

    hay yippymanful, its me ninomt, thatks for commenting on my sonic video

  3. jpenner99 says:

    cool video ;) :D 

  4. 43210Q says:

    I agree, you guys are pretty funny. Original stuff; keep it coming, dudes.

  5. sidthekid365 says:

    LOL, who thought of this skit? Freaking funny!

  6. 1971munchkin says:

    I think you need to see a dentist!

  7. joeblowjackson says:

    Dude! I would cut off my left nut to do katsumi!

  8. Gee Lee says:

    What do you think Tom should do?

    How far would you go to get what YOU want?

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