www.TheDatingPond.com So what happens when you decide to get seriously intimate with a colleague? THAT depends. If you’re lucky, you find eternal happiness. If you’re not, misery is a word that comes to Kris Anderson’s mind. How to detour this obstacle course – WATCH HER VIDEO and more details about ‘kissing and making up’ in her chapter titled “Interoffice Dating”. ORDER her book off Amazon – Kissing Frogs: Tall Tales and Insights from the Dating Pond. For more information on Kris Anderson and The Dating Pond … **Visit her hilarious blog – www.KissingFrogsInTheDatingPond **Email – kris@thedatingpond.com **LIKE her on FACEBOOK – http – Listen to her national radio shows, download her just-launched dating eBook, and submit your own crazy dating stories. **PINTEREST … pin her new book – pinterest.com Kris is worth Following … **Twitter – www.Twitter.com

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