Kevin Saucier analyzes some of the more outlandish jobs and their associated requirements.Rooftop Comedy films stand-up comedy 7 nights a week in the best comedy clubs around the world bringing you instant access to the biggest headliners and a first look at the new voices of comedy.

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6 Responses to “Working With Penguins – Kevin Saucier”
  1. Vivid0Nothing says:

    Ur decent. Just move to LA where the crowds are laugh generous… I mean the crowds in LA are fuckking butter. You could say the word poop over and over for 5 minutes and still not get boo’ed off stage.. Sad.

  2. DeadlyLegion says:

    Tough crowd!

  3. filthysock says:

    I like the delivery… chill but funny and entertaining…

  4. utubesqueeze says:

    Good material all the way through, but mediocre delivery and that last change in tone was so sharp that it could only be carried out with good to excellent delivery – he didn’t have it…

    Going to Like it anyway just because of the material.

  5. Birdmanul2 says:

    Decent joke, terrible delivery and it all really went to shit at the end…

  6. couponville1 says:

    he seems like a saucier. lol

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