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7 Responses to “YOUNG, FLY, SAVED & SINGLE!”
  1. LIBRADO65 says:

    @DJJNC57 “Seek ye the kingdom of God first…” : Gotta remind folks what Jesus said! Lets get some tacos…extra meat please!

  2. DJJNC57 says:

    Lol bro u got a good way to get the message out there :D n we shuld probly go get us sum tacos XD

  3. VianaDominguez says:

    “That’s not why u go to church!” lmbo!!! that quiet voice killed it! I literally felt like we were @ ur house at the dinner table and we were havin our usual debate… Luv ya boii! Make us proud <3 V!nny

  4. josk1d says:

    I am single. Virgin. Christian. And 35…

  5. LIBRADO65 says:

    @officialchristiantv thanx! Im really glad I got ur response it means alot being that youve been on youtube far longer than I have! God bless!

  6. officialchristiantv says:

    Lol haha dont see comedy like this everyday. thanks for showin the mixtape ill upload it wen i get a chance. God Bless

  7. LILPRAYER1 says:

    (o.O) Mad love ma boii.. im out the hospital. and thanks for the shout out.. u got a lot of good poins bro.. i believe God spoke to soo many difrrent people .. and next time u munch like dat invita .. jaja.. aigh ma boii.. keep up the good work..

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